http://seasaltair.com/where-to-buy-viagrain-ireland/ where to buy viagrain ireland This class, that is just a translation of a simple set of function written for Flash MX, translates any kind of XML document into a readable Flash Object. This could be the core for projects XML oriented..
in fact i work often on xml based projects…

Diversity Contribution Essay

standard format for research paper /** * @class it.sephiroth.XML2Object * @author Alessandro Crugnola * @version 1.0 * @description return an object with the content of the XML translated * NOTE: a node name with "-" will be replaced with "_" for flash compatibility. * for example will become FIRST_NAME * If a node has more than 1 child with the same name, an array is created with the children contents * The object created will have this structure: * - obj { * nodeName : { * attributes : an object containing the node attributes * data : an object containing the node contents * } * @usage data = new XML2Object().parseXML( anXML); */ //import utils.string class it.sephiroth.XML2Object extends XML { private var oResult:Object = new Object (); private var oXML:XML; /** * @method get xml * @description return the xml passed in the parseXML method * @usage theXML = XML2Object.xml */ public function get xml():XML{ return oXML } /** * @method public parseXML * @description return the parsed Object * @usage XML2Object.parseXML( theXMLtoParse ); * @param sFile XML * @returns an Object with the contents of the passed XML */ public function parseXML (sFile:XML):Object { this.oResult = new Object (); this.oXML = sFile; this.oResult = this.translateXML(); return this.oResult; } /** * @method private translateXML * @description core of the XML2Object class */ private function translateXML (from, path, name, position) { var xmlName:String; var nodes, node, old_path; if (path == undefined) { path = this; name = "oResult"; } path = path[name]; if (from == undefined) { from = new XML (this.xml); from.ignoreWhite = true; } if (from.hasChildNodes ()) { nodes = from.childNodes; if (position != undefined) { var old_path = path; path = path[position]; } while (nodes.length > 0) { node = nodes.shift (); xmlName = node.nodeName.split("-").join("_"); if (xmlName != undefined) { var __obj__ = new Object (); __obj__.attributes = node.attributes; __obj__.data = node.firstChild.nodeValue; if (position != undefined) { var old_path = path; } if (path[xmlName] != undefined) { if (path[xmlName].__proto__ == Array.prototype) { path[xmlName].push (__obj__); name = node.nodeName; position = path[xmlName].length - 1; } else { var copyObj = path[xmlName]; path[xmlName] = new Array (); path[xmlName].push (copyObj); path[xmlName].push (__obj__); name = xmlName; position = path[xmlName].length - 1; } } else { path[xmlName] = __obj__; name = xmlName; position = undefined; } } if (node.hasChildNodes ()) { this.translateXML (node, path, name, position); } } } return this.oResult; } }

http://www.telmohenriquesstudio.com/self-help-is-the-best-help-essay-in-100-words/ self help is the best help essay in 100 words buy cialis href online An Example usage with this file:

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what are business papers import it.sephiroth.XML2Object; var oXML:XML = new XML (); var sXML:String = "indice.xml"; oXML.ignoreWhite = true; function xmlLoaded (success:Boolean) { if (success) { trace (success); _root.ObjFromXML = new XML2Object ().parseXML (this); delete this } } oXML.onLoad = xmlLoaded; oXML.load (sXML);

undefined toString??

martin luther king jr research paper One of the things that it has always made me laugh on the new Flash AS2 is the translation of the http://www.giezentweewielers.nl/?dissertation-in-business-management dissertation in business management undefined value (mmhh.. not a value, it’s undefined!).

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http://mudanzaspt.com/?custom-admissions-essays-2012 custom admissions essays 2012 a = undefined;trace(a.toString()) // undefined b = a + " is not a string"trace(b) // "undefined is not a string"

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Probably I don’t yet understand the strict data typing concept (quite sure), but undefined CAN’T be converted to "undefined".
It’s so Stupid for me!

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So Cool in Bratislava and Cracovia

cheap european cialis Welcome back to everyone,
I spent fantastic days in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland!
I hope you all had a good holdays this year..
I falled in love with this two cities and I’m sure I will come back as soon as possible for a week-end or holidays.
Weather wass very cold (-10° C), it’s always snowing, but people (girls expecially), beer and food are superbs!
We’ve drunk and eat everyday in every hour 🙂

http://asiagemtv.com/essay-writing-service-3-hours/ Essay Writing Service 3 Hours P.S. I met a fantastic girl in Bratislava, in the Café Studio Club! I have to learn Slovakian language now.. the problem is that it’s not OOP 😉