Installing PHP5 on Apache server Writing An Essay For College Application Volunteering Today i was trying to install the new PHP5 module on my local apache server. It’s really simple at least, but when searching for instructions i discovered International Law Phd Thesis WAMP5, which includes in the installation:

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  • Apache 1.3.31
  • PHP 5.0.0
  • MySQL 4.0.18
  • PhpMyAdmin 2.5.7
  • sqlitemanager

I’ve immediately installed it 😉 Once installed you’ll see a new tray icon with some options for your installed services. Comprehensive Exam And Dissertation Services Or I sugges it if you are thinking to install PHP5 on your local machine (i have also a separate apache/php4/mysql3 framework on my machine too, in this way i can always switch trought the two version of PHP/MySQL)