Flash Updater 7.2 available now!

Flash 7.2Version 7.2 of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004 is now available with improvements in performance, stability and documentation.

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What’s changed? * Faster initial launch time Writing Custom Vows * Compile times up to twice as fast * More than 400 additional code examples Top Research Paper Websites * Additional documentation on working with components * Over 100 bug fixes. Read the details in the release notes.

Essay Paper Websites The updater is available for the English version of Flash only, it seems others language we have to wait till end of summer.

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Also a new class has been added: mx.utils.Delegate and here a sample of usage:

import mx.utils.Delegate; myDataGrid.addEventListener("change",Delegate.create(this,onMyDataGridChange)); myComboBox.addEventListener("change",Delegate.create(this,onMyComboBoxChange)); function onMyDataGridChange(eventObj:Object):Void{ trace("myDataGrid change event fired");} function onMyComboBoxChange(eventObj:Object):Void{ trace("myComboBox change event fired");}

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