Strange issue with Flash Updater 7.2

I got this very strange behavior (let me say BUG) with the new flash updated version 7.2, and which drove me crazy for a while!

Create a new document, settings set to flash player 7 and AS2.
Create in the document a movieclip with exporting settings, export for ActionScript, and give the name “mc”. Delete the movieclip from the timeline.
try the code:

depth = _root.getNextHighestDepth()
mc.onRelease = function(){

you will get a “0” in the trace output and once click on the movieclip, this will disappear.

Drag a component on the stage, for example the tree component, and then delete it from the timeline. This is just in order to have it into the library.
Test the movie again.

I get in the trace output the value of “1048576” and the movieclip does not disappear now!


XP Service Pack 2 and Flash…

Microsoft is introducing new Service Pack 2 for Windows XP users. ( more info at microsoft page )

This update should increase Internet Explorer’s security features. Also Macromedia seems have worked to support changes will arrive with this new service pack and provide a page with some FAQ about issue could happens after SP2 has been installed.
for example:
Flash Player content does not appear after a Windows Update
SWF files prompt a message when played back locally

read all the informations at

Back to home!

Finally, after 15 days in Spain, at Palma Mallorca, I’m just come back to home…
I really really love spain, spanish people (it’s lovely hearing girls speaking), and the idioma.. i would like to learn spanish better now (some words are not enough), i think i will begin some spanish course this year! and some other weekend in Spain in Sevilla or Valencia maybe 🙂

Ok, now that the holydays are finished… back to work again.. back to usual things.. SEPY is waiting for me to fix hundreds of things.
Probably first i need some days of relax.. it’s hard after 15 days of night life 😉
Damn, I cannot believe to the thousands of emails i need to read, obviously 90% is spam.

P.S. Really an holiday “de puta madre” 🙂

Apps are Getting Hot! ;)

Rich applications are really becoming hotter because of a breeze from Macromedia’s latest initiatives related with Flash (also Royale) through Microsoft’s Avalon and XAML (via Longhorn). Recently, one of my buddies (Altan Kalayci from Retek, Inc.) dropped me a line advising to watch following episodes via MSDN regarding Avalon.

Longhorn Avalon
Longhorn Fundamentals
Longhorn Indigo

My interest on XAML and specifically on Avalon is really getting higher! 🙂