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flash player 8 demo in tokyo

I just read on moock’s blog that kevin lynch, macromedia’s chief software architect, demonstrated the next generation version of the flash player at the macromedia flash conference in tokyo, japan. only a few features were shown, but it seems they are great, expecially, as we were already heard few time ago, for the graphics. There is a video available, taken from te conference, in which these features are shown:

  • a new type-rendering engine
  • performance improvements
  • bitmap effects (blur, dropshadow, colour matrix etc)
  • realtime video alpha channel

Carl-Alexandre Malartre from ScoLab
>> low bw (5mb 320×240, 15fps)
>> med bw (14.5mb 320×240, 30fps)
>> high bw (42mb, 640×480, 30fps) Internet Banking Phd Thesis

Buy A Dissertation Proposal >> low bw (5mb 320×240, 15fps)
>> med bw (5mb 320×240, 30fps)
>> high bw (42mb, 640×480, 30fps)

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FlashComm Server and AMFPHP

nothing really particulary complicated.
I wanted to create some sort of video conference , with a list of available recorded conferences..
In order to get the list of previously recorded video, their date and so on, I wished to use amfphp in order to use php filesystem functions.. and I was happily surprised for the fact i was immediately able to use AMFPHP into the application asc server file at the Safety Phd Thesis first attempt 🙂

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Do you know Google Desktop?

Custom Writers Once launched the installer, it will create a service which will indexes all your computer (it will took hours the first time), then search can be activated from the taskbar icon. It’s integrated in the browser, in fact it’s the same as using google, but results are files on the computer!
Another cool feature is that When you view a web page in the browser, Google Desktop “caches” the content so that it can be viewed later, the same version of the page, even if its live content has changed or you’re offline.
Google Desktop Search organizes email search results into conversations, so that all email messages in the same thread are grouped into a single search result.
and basically it doesn’t affect the computer performance because it works only when computer is idle.. great
It’s really useful and funny 🙂

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