MTASC : Motion-Twin ActionScript 2 Compiler

MTASC is the first ActionScript 2 Open Source free compiler.
Right now it’s a command line compiler which get .as files as input and will generate .swf files as output. This means it can be easily integrated into any editor which can run command line tools (such as sepy).
It seems MTASC is more and more quickly than the internal flash compiler:
MTASC is based on the best compiler technology available (namely the OCaml programming language) and thus provide a great speed improvement over MMC (compile around 100 classes in less than 5 seconds).
Since the source code is made more concise by using good technology, it is more easy to maintain and implement robust and proven typing algorithms. The feedback we get from Open Source community help us fixes the bug quickly.

It’s made using OCaml as programming language.
The mailing list is available at this link:
For examples, download and bugs refer to the linked MTASC page.

  • Axl laruse

    1- MTASC was never an Actionscript compiler. It was a compiler of an Actionscript modified.
    – ActionScript is a scripting language based on ECMAScript.
    – Javascript 2.0 is a scripting language base on ECMAScript 4.
    But they are not the same.
    2- If MTASC is really an Actionscript compiler, then I should be able to go to any actionscript website.
    Copy any source code (Actionscript 2.0) that I wish to use.
    Make a file and compile it using the MTASC.
    I don’t think this is the case.
    3- Since they are not continuing MTASC, the new language is haXe, a multiplatform language. This do not mean that it will accept code written in Javascript, C, C++, Actionscript, etc. This means that you have to program all in this new language that the compiler will compile to another language such as javascript, PHP, swf (note that it does say actionscript), and/or NekoVM (whatever is that).