Charset handling proposal in AMFPHP

Phd Thesis On Problems Of Learning English Language best writing services online Patrick Mineault makes a proposal for the charset handling in AMFPHP

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[..] that should put an end to problems with Unicode and native character set handling between PHP and Flash, a problem that has palgued AMFPHP for a long time

write an essay my school To use charset handling in the new CVS version, you will need to call the setCharsetHandler function from your gateway.php file, like this: pay someone to do your coursework custom dissertation writing services doctoral $gateway->setCharsetHandler("iconv", "latin1", "latin1"); business ethics justice homework help Detail for setCharsetHandler method: setCharsetHandler(string follow site mode, string watch phpCharset, string sqlCharset) The mode can be: 1. none (don’t do anything) 2. iconv (uses the iconv libray for reencoding) 3. mbstring (uses the mbstring library for reencoding) 4. recode (uses the recode library for reencoding) 5. utf8_decode (uses the XML function utf8_decode and encode for reencoding – ISO-8859-1 only) I haven’t tested it already, but I’m sure this is a great step toward a solution of the charset problem! graduate essay writing services how to cite a paper solar system assignment