Foundation PHP 5 for Flash

It was from days of Flash 5 which this book first time appeared. Long time has elapsed (expecially considering the informatic times).

Today I see that friends of Ed has published a new version of this book covering ActionScript 2.0, PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1.
Taking a look at the sample PDF chapter available it seems quite well done, clear and simple to read (ok, that is 2nd chapter and it talks of very basic things already…), but i noticed that it also threats of things/problems which often occured if you use php and flash everyday.. for example escape characters, magic_quotes_gpc etc..
I think i will going to get a copy of the book, it’s always useful take my mind under exercise…


In the latest version of SEPY I’ve added a syntax checker (as many developers pray for), and now SEPY uses MTASC as engine for checking actionscript syntax.
You just need to download MTASC and set the binary path of the compiler in sepy preferences.
The testing version of sepy is available at sourceforge.
A useful feature of this integration is that, if an error is found, the file containing the error will be automatically opened in the exact position of the error.
Note that MTASC engine is slightly different than the Macromedia internal compiler. You can see the comparison in the mtasc homepage.

Download MTASC

Firefox first victim

It seems incredible but the first victim of the cannibal Firefox (25 millions of downloads) it’s Mozilla itself!
In fact, even if already released some beta version of Mozilla 1.8, there will be no more a 1.8 final release anymore.
The unexpected success of Firefox shifts the development focus from the integrated Mozilla Application Suite to the new generation of applications — the Mozilla Firefox browser and the Mozilla Thunderbird mail and news client.
BTW, support and developement over current Mozilla versions will still continue.

read the full article: Mozilla Application Suite – Transition Plan

Official SE|PY contest started!

Thanks to I’m glad to introduce officially the contest for the realization of the new SE|PY icon.
Over the original prize of a Macromedia Studio MX 2004 license, there are also: two free domains (it, com, or net), 200Mb of web space with support ASP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion 7, MySQL and a bookDeveloping Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex“.
Files can be send via email to one of the following addresses: and The contest will expires on 18th April 2005, after this date we will select the winners.

The full contest rules are available at this address:

P.S. For all who already sent to me their file, they are already subscribed to the contest. (thanks in advance to anyone who already sent me his icon, they’re really nice!!) Thank you again for the support!!

XML2Object revisited

An XML2Object revisited class.
Basically it works in the same ways as the previius one, but now in the parseXML method it can be defined a 2nd parameter which will tell to the parser to put all xml nodes into arrays. In this way all variables created into the returned object will be stored into array. for example:

import it.sephiroth.XMLObject;
myxml.onLoad = function(){
     	var data = new XMLObject().parseXML( this, true );

The second addition to this class is the parseObject method, which will convert any object into an xml. for example, this code:

import it.sephiroth.XMLObject;
myobject = {
   	attributes : {
    		name : "custom object",
    		type : 1   	},
   	item : [   { name : "Varese", code : "VA" },   { name : "Milano", code : "MI" }  ],
   	channel : {   name : "City",   country : "Italy"  } }
data = new XMLObject().parseObject(myobject,"TEST");

will produce this xml string:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 	<TEST type="1" name="custom object"> 		<item> 			<name>Varese</name> 			<code>VA</code> 		</item>   		<item>    			<name>Milano</name>    			<code>MI</code>   		</item>   		<channel>    			<name>City</name>    			<country>Italy</country>   		</channel>  	</TEST>

And here’s the class code:

Help with new SEPY icon

I have this idea since some time ago.
The problem is that my graphical skills are so poor and I never been able to do an acceptable new icon for my program.
What I would like to do is something like a broken egg (which should remember in some way the flash logo) from where a python (snake) is coming out.
So I decided to ask for someone who would like to help me with this. I cannot pay for it, but at least I can give a box of Macromedia Studio MX 2004.
Any help would be really appreciated.. p.s. recently I’ve changed my site’s style in order to make it a bit more clean.. I hope it reaches the goal