Will Flash 8 support E4X?

This means that probably the new flash player will support it also… This should be a great step over the old “DOM” flash support.. in this case XML entities will be threated as builtins objects Read more about ECMAScript for XML (E4X) Specification: http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-357.htm

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Nice 3D engine

  • polygonal object rendering (a face can be any 3D convex polygon);
  • camera management (track, dolly, tumble, pan & shake functions);
  • visible surface determination via S-Buffer implementation (perfect object intersection);
  • clipping (front, left, right, back planes);
  • backface culling (per object or face enabling);
  • flat shading with lighting coefficients : ambiant, diffuse & specular;
  • variable rendering resolution and simple variable blur rendering;
  • user defined object mouse events : onMouseOver, onPress, onRelease, etc;
  • usual math transformations : scaling, Euler & quaternion rotating, etc;
  • XML format scene loader;
  • command line 3DS Max ‘.ASE’ format converter (‘tri’ or ‘quad’ modes available);

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Update on SEPY 2

actually the framework is quite complete and at the state of art it’s a full basic text editor. Today I met Gabriele, the same guy who helped me in the preliminary phases of sepy1, and we decided some of the new SEPY2 guidelines and how we want to proceed..
SE|PY 2 will be made using a similar, but more more simpler, process as the one used by Eclipse, that is plugin based.
This can help us, but also everyone who want to extend it in the future, with panels (which will be completely independent from the main application), and document classes.
As regarding panels we’re still thinking at the best solution for the workspace management.. maybe a solution similar to the one used by Macromedia software.
any preference here?

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