OpenOffice 2

Buy Viagra Milton Keynes Just curious to know how many people have openoffice installed instead of MS Office.. Chemistry Help Gas Stoichiometry I used the version 1.x for a while but i never like the graphic interface. Buy Political Science Essay But once the beta 2 started i switched to openoffice definitively. Cool GUI and really stable framework (to me) convinced me immediately.

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Flash/Javascript Integration Kit

Dissertation Msc Biotech As just read on the Mike Chambers blog, here the link to the beta release of the Flash/Javascript Integration Kit (How can i miss it?!?)
It works on these browsers/OS:
* Windows IE 6.0
* Windows Firefox 1.0
* Windows Opera 8.0
* Macintosh Opera 8.0
* Macintosh Firefox 1.0
* Safari 1.2.4 and 2.0
* Linux Firefox 1.0.4

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and it can be possible to communicate passing complex object data type such as:
* objects
* arrays
* strings
* numbers
* dates
* booleans
* nulls
* undefined

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In the installation page there’s also an example of the usage in flash:

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import com.macromedia.javascript.JavaScriptProxy; var proxy:JavaScriptProxy = new JavaScriptProxy();"javaScriptMethodName", "arg1", new Object());

Paper Writers Graduate Level See docs here: and

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New Flash Lite coming?

It seems thay Macromedia is planning to release the Flash Lite Player 2.0 to developers by the end of this year.
This player is set to have Flash 7 functionality. There was a long Breeze meeting with Kevin Lynch on Wednesday, where various aspects of the Flash Platform have been discussed ( read more here ).
In the meantime I would like to suggest another Flash Lite event presented by in Rome, on 16th of June For more info please read more here:
Well, it seems it’s time for for me to explore Flash Lite a bit… (mmh, probably it’s the second or third time I already made this promise) Best Essay Writer Service

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Flash Platform Announcement

Buying Viagra Online Canadian Pharmacy This morning Macromedia made several press announcements regarding the Flash Platform, Flash Player, Macromedia’s support of the Eclipse Foundation, and an upcoming toolset for Flex development, code-named Zorn.

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