Xray ( The AdminTool ) becomes opensource

Many of us used Admin tool for debugging flash movies in the past, being a great debugging tool (for me much better than the one provided in flash).
Now Admin Tool is an opensource project!
What is Xray?
Xray (The AdminTool) is a “snapshot viewer” of the current state of your Flash application without impacting the performance or the file size of your application. Xray’s true nature is to look into the very guts of the Flash application and dissolve the 2d myth you see on screen to a 3D tangible entity you can truly crawl through.
The downloads provided with Xray are:

Other links:

More info available at: http://labs.blitzagency.com/?cat=2

SplitPane component

I discovered today a genial component by Joan Garnet, the SplitPane component.
It uses the Macromedia ScrollPane component as basis and it has lot of really useful features.
Some of them I read from the blog post:

  • nested of SplitPanes within each others
  • orientation: horizontal or vertical
  • enable/disable component
  • event driven component
  • max/min width/height
  • separator state (expanded/collapsed)
  • separador size
  • references to each component of the panel
  • expansion direction ( leftRight – rightLeft, topBottom – bottomTop )

See a demo of the SplitPane component here

Paradise Lost…

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Holidays are finished also this year…
Back from Paradise, it’s so difficult to switch mind to the all days’ things.
This Summer we’d different holidays as we used to do; no warm sun, no beach, no hot sand.. but they were so incredible and unforgettable.
But they are finished!
So let’s start a new year.. Welcome back to everyone.
Many news will come for everyone of us with the next release of all the Macromedia products

Here the source code of the fader:

Display photos from a flickr photoset using fade and threshold effects
Title: flickr_album source code (0 click)
Caption: Display photos from a flickr photoset using fade and threshold effects
Filename: flickr_album-2.zip
Size: 16 KB