PHP5: a big failure ?

What’s happening ?
PHP 5 has been presented as a revolution, a lot of new features have been added and a lot of projects have been made. But only a small group of hosters seem interested in supporting PHP 5 on their web servers. It is not so useful to have a beautiful programming language to use if we can’t apply it to production environments.
But what about the causes ? Maybe they are related to the fact that Zend decided to support both PHP 4 and 5 separately, allowing hoster to choose which version to compile on their webservers, or maybe to the fact that PHP 5 is not fully compatible with the older versions, and there are some security-related bugs that increase our doubts.
I’m using a lot PHP 5 in production environments, without any problem. It is quite fast and reliable, and has got a lot of useful features that adapt perfectly to enterprise development. We MUST use PHP 5 to help it growing until it become the standard …
To conclude I’d like to inform the ones who don’t know it, that PHP team is working on the sixth version (yes … PHP 6 … and it is available for download at that will add to the language a lot of interesting features, such as native support to Unicode.
I hope there will be only one (working) version of PHP in the future …

  • anom

    I don’t know much about php but I don’t think it’s a failure. Maybe the reason some hosters don’t offer it is just plain laziness. Most good hosters offer php5.
    BTW I’ve used a bunch of hosting companies and by far the best for me is
    If customer service and reliability are important check out rails.
    Other hosters I’ve used.
    Site5 oversells and therefore is slow and sometimes your site doesn’t even load! Host V is ok but their support doesn’t seem to know what they are doing. Godaddy really should just be for domains, support responses are not usefull, just technical giberish. HostExcellence is really just a catchy name, fine for static sites but their database response time is very slow, also lots of down time.
    Siteground is actually pretty good as long as you never need any support.
    All the above is just from my experience and no I don’t work for
    I found in researching hosting there is a lot of hype probably done by the companies themselves. I didn’t even intend to write a hosting review when reading this article, something was just triggered I guess.
    So yes PHP5 is not a failure 🙂