AS3 SoundMixer, my turn

It seems everybody did a test with the ActionScript3 SoundMixer class 🙂
How many of you still remember the days of FlashKit spectrum analyzer?
It seems so long time ago when we had to find a way for extract spectrum informations from mp3 files..
Btw, now it’s my turn with a little experiment
Flash player 9 beta 3 is required

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P.S. The song is from Epica:
album: Consign to Oblivion album
track: Huban K’u “A new Age Dawns – prologue”

Sound Mixer Spectrum Analyzer source code
Title: sound mixer 2 (0 click)
Caption: Sound Mixer Spectrum Analyzer source code
Size: 52 kB

  • [MuTe]

    Very nice dude…
    Oh yes the good old FlashKit spectrum analyzer days, I remember those 🙂

  • jjshea

    Dramatic 🙂 Good job!

  • Broly

    Very cool sample, as usual!

  • Mayc

    Good !

  • Gabriel Sabux

    This shit don’t works…

  • Wanderlei

    Nice… very good!

  • Grande come sempre Sephi !!! 😀

  • bosch

    can anyone tell me how to import the mx.classes??
    fe: mx.effects.Tween

  • iyq

    Very Good!!! Would like to hear more. ty

  • Jason

    I wish I could risk installing Player 9 🙁
    I have a massive project nearing comlpetion and the last Beta version I installed wrote flash off and took over a day to get rid of.
    I can only imagine this is cool…and Im going to cry now ;P

  • Very cool.
    You can create a version with only flash classes in order to compile in flash 9 Beta ?

  • Flo

    Very good but the code is really difficult to read 🙁 Thank you for sharing your work anyway.