Which VPS?

I was thinking to move my site from a web-hosting based service to a VPS.
Someone suggested me a verio VPS or SeeWeb service but I dont know anyone using their service…
Indeed disk space is an important aspect, such as the assistance, but the most important thing for me is always the bandwidth.

Did you have experience of a good VPS service?

  • Hi,
    We try VERIO, then ACENS. Now we are with ARSYS too…
    What you are looking? Brandwidth, space, service…?
    It’s your choice!

  • Federico

    verio rules 😀

  • Why? What’s wrong with the service you have now?
    Just curious. I like avoiding spending $800 a year. =D
    Speaking of that, keep an eye on ambitious lemon. They are upgrading their servers right now, but they have free hosting for non-profit community-oriented type sites. If you make money I think you are supposed to donate some to server costs. Really a neat idea.

  • The main problem with my site is the bandwidth usage.. it grows and grows every month. This month I doubled the maximum available for my hosting plan (over 150Gb)

  • I’ve used jumpline.com extensively but here’s the thing…
    You have a dedicated amount of RAM as well, unfortunately not much. I run joomla on a number of sites and have found the initial load to be roughly 10 seconds. Shared servers, quicker.
    I love the idea of VPS, but don’t like the low RAM allocation.

  • Erny
  • Well i am using servint for about 2 years and i am really happy with it

  • Peter

    If you’re server needs to be located in the us I would try
    If it has to be in Europe than give
    http://eurovps.com/ a try
    kind regards,