Which VPS?

http://www.kaziproject.eu/?writing-the-winning-thesis-or-dissertation-2nd-edition I was thinking to move my site from a web-hosting based service to a follow VPS.
Someone suggested me a verio VPS or SeeWeb service but I dont know anyone using their service…
Indeed disk space is an important aspect, such as the assistance, but the most important thing for me is always the http://www.55studio.com.au/?networking-assignment-help bandwidth.

source url Did you have experience of a good VPS service?

  • Hi,
    We try VERIO, then ACENS. Now we are with ARSYS too…
    What you are looking? Brandwidth, space, service…?
    It’s your choice!

  • Federico

    follow verio rules 😀

  • go here Why? What’s wrong with the service you have now?
    Just curious. I like avoiding spending $800 a year. =D
    Speaking of that, keep an eye on ambitious lemon. They are upgrading their servers right now, but they have free hosting for non-profit community-oriented type sites. If you make money I think you are supposed to donate some to server costs. Really a neat idea.

  • go here The main problem with my site is the bandwidth usage.. it grows and grows every month. This month I doubled the maximum available for my hosting plan (over 150Gb)

  • click here I’ve used jumpline.com extensively but here’s the thing…
    You have a dedicated amount of RAM as well, unfortunately not much. I run joomla on a number of sites and have found the initial load to be roughly 10 seconds. Shared servers, quicker.
    I love the idea of VPS, but don’t like the low RAM allocation.

  • Erny
  • Well i am using servint for about 2 years and i am really happy with it

  • Peter

    If you’re server needs to be located in the us I would try
    If it has to be in Europe than give
    http://eurovps.com/ a try
    kind regards,