My first gadget

Masters In Creative Writing Programs I was playing around the Windows Vista public beta 2 and I spent some time reading about the new gadgets. At the end I did a first test creating a very simple gadget for measuring computer drives free space. Give it a list of drives you want to take under control and it will display them into the gadget’s window.


– Download the file The Hunchback Assignments – Double click on it Article Critique Services P.S. It requires Windows Vista beta 2 🙂

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Drive Meter gadget for Windows Vista
Dissertation Littraire Andromaque Title: Drivermeter (0 click) Steiner Log Cabins Masters Thesis Caption: Drive Meter gadget for Windows Vista Reading Assignments For 6th Graders Homework Help Sites Lh Filename: drivermeter.gadget Isaac Newton Essay Size: 127 kB

  • wow. microsoft can’t even come up with a better name that doesn’t sound like Apple’s “widget”? So sad and un-imaginative they are. 🙁

  • Ngezi

    I agree Microsoft isn’t very creative by naming it widget, but don’t compare it to Apple, cause they stole it as well from Konfabulator. I’m not saying they where the first, but at least they were using that name before both Apple and M$ Coupon Code For Custom Writings Com