A question of ethics

I really can’t believe how some people can be so disonest!
Today a guy reported me that someone was selling my ImageGallery for $700 NZ dollars at CSS Marketplace.
Ok, it’s not the first time I receive this kind of reports but this agency is really incredible!
I visited their site and i found that under “Our Works” section there are so many flash examples I already know.. my flash puzzle, my flash image gallery, the old macromedia video gallery example etc etc…
take a look at the thieves:

  • Finty

    That must be annoying for you. What is your policy on the use of your Flash examples by the rest of the community? I haven’t used any of them personally but they’ve been very useful to learn from.
    (and just out of curiosity and off topic.. are you the same Sephiroth as on the blender.org forum?)

  • Sfacciatissimi

  • Dave

    I think thats so wrong.
    have you managed to contact them? they cant get away with intellectual property theft like that. obviously stolen your ideas and designs, trying to sell them on.
    tut tut.
    I emailed them!.

  • At least I managed to remove the selling item at the Marketplace.
    Anyway the problem is not their’re selling something grab form here. All my files are free of use, so no one deny to get a file, modify and sell it.
    BUT they put some of my files in their “Our Works” section, **exactly** as they were downloaded!
    Moreover I found the old macromedia video gallery in that section, and that’s incredible!

  • Pamekaren


  • hello there.
    we have made some changes to the text on the site.
    it says “working Samples” not “our works” it dosent say on the site that we created all the the stuff.
    and if we can sell any items we have allways said that we will donate money to the persons(people) how created them.
    we are not thieves, we are just trying to make a living.
    we no that this site created ie: the gallery and if we ever sell any they will take the credit for it, all we will do is set it up for them, thats all.
    we are just trying to enhance internet stuff for our local comunnity, not the world.
    i am sorry if this has upset yous thats not what we where trying to do.
    if this is illegall to do , please let us no and we will make changes..
    thank you..

  • Anonymous

    Sono delle merde, peggio di Moggi… anzi forse no 😉
    Scherzi a parte… fai come fa Beppe Grillo con i parlamentari: metti una form sul tuo sito che manda un’email a questi qui dicendo loro quanto fanno schifo.
    Con tutte le visite che hai qui, ne riceverebbere un bel po’ di queste email.

  • I am sorry that they have done this to you. I hope that you wont allow goof balls like these stop you from sharing your knowledge. Some of us are grateful and always tell people about you and your contribution to the flash and PHP world. I have a whole class that think you are the best think to happen to flash since apple pie. Ummmm, well, you know what I mean. Forget these idiots and keep on doing what you doing.

  • in repy to thstudio:
    you can write “working Samples” or “our works”, but for my point of view it’s the same.
    I dont care about donations and I dont care if anyone use my files for commercial use, but I never thought at getting, for example, André Michelle example files and put them into my site as “working example”, because in this way people could think they are my creations.
    I saw for example on your site the old Macromedia video gallery, exactly the same as they put long time ago as flash example, but i didnt see any reference to Macromedia at all..
    This is what I mean.
    Just, we all should be honest, in this way communities can grow.

  • i am gratefull for the free samples and examples, to learn actionscript and flash remoting from the image gallery.The guys involved in the thstudio, who i know, living in a small town in new zealand are only trying to grow and learn and become part of the web development community. i think they would be highly upset that they have upset you.I think it is more inexperience that has happened here,it would more helpfull if the experienced guys explained how you may want us to be more upfront rather than driving thstudio away or worse giving up altogether.

  • Jonathas

    the site is OFF!!!!! why???

  • thstudio is full of it… Is it stealing? YEAH, it is. Like they would have handed the money that was made to sephiroth. If sephiroth didn’t catch them in the act, they would have just pocketed the money guaranteed. And who’s to say they didn’t sell any of those already… If this is for the better of the community – show the examples but please show credit where credit is due…

  • Matthias

    Hello all,
    in my opinion those guys are realy a bunch of idiots .
    But nowadays in my opinion people give a shit about whos owner of a sourcecode.
    I`am getting more and more Jobbriefings where the Client wants me ? to hide code from the Guys who did the basic architecture for a Gallery ( for example) because they dont care about it/ -where is the problem in contacting someone and asking him whats the price if you want to use it commercial.
    Those dudes are mostly Designers who can`t code Flash and perhaps the worst designers out there.
    It is such a bad thing to start off with a opinion like :
    Huh i am a preppy Designer and everything i can not do ( as coding etc ) gets either stolen from recourcepages or decompiled.
    In my opinion such thing is a total disqualification in a seriouse business enviroment.
    For such request i just can reject the whole contract because it is totally against my workethic and i let the People know that.
    (either hide code from others or using decompilers for a >contract

  • M

    thstudio, you guys are lame. You are the kind of people that destroy open source communities. Funny how it’s driven by greed. You guys are going -nowhere- especially since the entire flash community is aware of you…

  • Zak

    Hey Sephiroth, seeing as how they’re based in NZ, and I’m in NZ too, want me to go take care of em for ya? 😛