E4X, ActionScript 3 new “sublanguage”

Since I’ve heard the voices about the upcoming E4x in actionscript 3 I awaited this moment…
Finally ActionScript supports E4X and we can kick away the old XML object (always supported for backward compatibility)! we can stop using all the various xml2object classes created in these years, we finally have a go here validating parser, so we will see finally well formatted XML files from flash users 🙂
But finally we have a powerful “language” with a very strong syntax.


http://www.blog.friskbrisrc.com/master-thesis-empirical-part/ I’ve written a small tutorial with a quick guide  about actionscript3 and e4x basic syntax (without including Namespaces and QNames for the moment)

source site

enter http://www.sephiroth.it/tutorials/flashPHP/E4X/index.php

http://www.nahug.com/do-my-homework-history/ P.s. I forgot to say that E4X is also available in the Geko1.8 browser (such as Firefox 1.5). For more info see this article: http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/E4X. Unfortunately E4X ins’t supported by python, neither there’s a module for it 🙁

  • yusufdestina

    How can I access: mainXML..item.(author.@email==”fk@alex.com”)..name.text()
    if “fk@alex.com” is a variable…

  • http://www.gitelesprunelles.be/best-online-essay-sites/ best online essay sites function onComplete(evt:Event)
    mainXML = new XML(loader.data)
    var match:String = “fk@alex.com”
    trace(mainXML..item.(author.@email == match)..name.text());

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