FlashFlickr, testing Flickr API

In my 30 days trial with Flex2 I decied to make all the tests I can in order to learn as much as possible.
After making my first component I thought at doing something more interesting and much similar to a web application. So I first downloaded the ActionScript 3 libraries developed by the Adobe labs, then I activated an application key with Flickr.

I had to modify something in the flickr actionscript libraries and add some new classes for my experiment (adding for example the Comments and Interestingness class, currently missing in the adobe libraries), read the documentation of the Flickr API, but at the end I managed to build a first test: a Flash web-based Flickr browser.
Here the link, obviously it requires Flash player 9 (9,0,16):

Click here to open see the SWF in a new Window.

Source code for the FlashFlickr browser
Title: FlashFlickr Source (0 click)
Caption: Source code for the FlashFlickr browser
Filename: flashflickr-2.zip
Size: 172 kB

  • Pamekaren

    It’s great, i love these gallery made in flash, maybe can post tha fla source or not? so is much beautiful that the ImageGallery 3 😛
    great job

  • jjshea

    very cool work alessandro!

  • Peter_D

    There’s a problem during download larger photo
    error #2048

  • nice job…gives me ideas with syncSWF (wink)

  • Pamekaren

    Really nice, but the source is strange i don’t understand that 🙁 I remain with Igallery3 😛 it’s more easy configurate.
    thanks anyway for the source code.
    I wait for Igallery4 ;P

  • indeed, that’s only an experiment with flex2.. after holidays I think I will work on a new gallery always using flickr api

  • That is one beautiful gallery. Is there anything you can’t do?
    By the way, what is “syncSWF?”

  • Marcelo Serpa

    Hey Pamekaren, it´s a FLEX2 source not a Flash fla! that´s why it´s “strange” for you. It´s MXML instead of binary FLA data. You need the free AS3 compiler to build that (or, for an easier setup, FlexBuilder2).

  • paddy

    great work alessandro, I’ve been working on something similar in AS2 using ‘flashr’ and am about to rebuild it in Flex to help me learn it. Your code will be a big help!

  • How is this actually loaded into Flex Builder 2? … I get lots of errors with unknown types and such, and there are helluva lot of components used….. how do I set it up for compilation? 🙂

  • but, that’s strange, which kind of errors do you get?
    btw, I did another Flex experiment using the Flickr api, more complete than this one:

  • Magnus

    Well, Im using a basic install of FxB2 and the I check out the adobe labs librarys via subversion. After downloading the sources for FlashFlickr I set up a new Flex project and import via file system (might be this which cause the later errors). I include the Adobes Flickr API wrapper and the corelib library via source/build path and after that, I have 6 errors with first one being “1119: Access of possibly undefined property PHOTOS_GET_INTERESTINGNESS through a reference with static type Class.”
    Affected is components, specifically CalendarImage and SingleComment.
    I thought/think the general idea is to only have to import source files from the file system into a project, set up the source/build path and wham, ready to run.
    Am I perhaps missing something fundamental? 🙂

  • well, adobe svn classes miss various things about Flickr and many other things are with errors, in the .zip downloaded here there’s a “flickr” folder.
    replace the adobe flickr folder with this one

  • Hello Alessandro,
    I’ve been trying for a while now to get yours and other flickr stuff (Adobes AS3 libs + FLEX 2) .Local works perfect but everytime I acces through http:// I get the sandbox violation warning (Error #2048: Security sandbox violation .. cannot load Data)
    searched the whole internet :> but no solution.. I am really curious how you solved this or if you ever encountered this ..
    many thanx in advange ..

  • I too have been getting the security error nyls is talking about. Is this due to Flickr’s API change?

  • estribiyo

    Mmmmmm, una pregunta… �Como se hace para compilar esto? He probado con Flex 2 pero no he encontrado la manera… no encuentro proyecto para cargar y no se donde colocar las cosas… �Una ayudita?

  • estribiyo

    I’ll try to write in english…
    I’ve tried to compile this project but I don’t found how to do it… can you give me a little help?

  • tam

    I would like to learn how to compile sephiroth’s flashflickr sources.
    Any help, link, advice on how to ?
    Thx so much