Flex2 and namespaces extending components

http://gallerit1.com/homewor/ Homewor I was creating my new Flex2 component extending the UIComponent class and I need to define new custom styles for my own component… Phd Thesis Proposal Document Ok, i opened the “create and extend components” PDF guide and found that I need to put this code to accomplish it:

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1 { Architectural Dissertation if (!StyleManager.getStyleDeclaration("ResizeManager")) http://www.goldcoastaustralia.com/?assignment-wiki Assignment Wiki { Best Resume Writing Services For Teacher Reviews var newStyleDeclaration:CSSStyleDeclaration = new CSSStyleDeclaration(); Kinds Of Presentations newStyleDeclaration.setStyle("boxSize", 4); http://www.dilmah.pl/?i-did-my-homework-youtube I Did My Homework Youtube StyleManager.setStyleDeclaration("ResizeManager", newStyleDeclaration, true); Writing Service Proposal } Service Your Community Essay return true; }

I google for some time but without finding a solution, then I discovered the problem. I was using in my component the mx_internal namespace, that was the problem. Once changed namespace everything was ok.