Red5, first thoughts

As I promised myself, I started to spend some of the time in testing red5 since I’ve read the about the 0.6RC1 release.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to run it on my Windows Vista so I try it on an older Windows XP. Once unpacked the installer I first tested some of the example applications boundled, everything worked fine.. cool, nice, great project indeed!

But then I wanted to migrate one of my FCS2 projects to Red5 in order to test “the real world”.
Ok, I need to write in Java? (there’s Python support, but it’s Jython) Cool.. I never seen Java, I thought it was a monster with eight heads 🙂
Got the first Java editor I found on the net, IntelliJIdea (what a wonderful editor indeed! much expensive, but really cool), and started with headache..
But at least, for a newbie like me, it seems to me like editing ActionScript3 files, so it wasn’t so difficult to make things running.
I’m still “trying” to re-write the application (with minor changes also in the flash files) but I managed to make remote sharedobjects, streams and remote calls running like in the FCS2 original application and I’m so happy 🙂

I just encounter a couple of time a Windows blue screen error while getting webcam streams (I need to make a snapshot next time) and some human unreadable java exceptions (It’s indeed a my fault) but I think it was a positive beginning after all.
Great great compliments to red5 developers!

  • Welcome aboard Alessandro. Thats some patience waiting for the 0.6 🙂

  • Why didn’t you use Eclipse? 🙂 Nowadays I edit almost everything there.

  • I just wanted to test something new. Once the trial will expire I will move to eclipse too

  • Nate Chatellier

    Cool. Btw, your “red5” link in the first sentence is bad (has at the beginning).

  • veens

    you tested this tutorial? watch and learn by flx

  • I would suggest you to buy Idea personal licence (around end of the year, they give discounts, so it is like 200$, but it is worth it).
    You also may apply for free idea licence if you are activelly devrloping java opensource project..
    I couldn’t work with eclipse, and I don’t get it how other people can work with it. compared to Idea of course..

  • Alessandro Crugnola

    wow, thank you for the info!

  • yarek

    am fimilar with FCS and FMS from Adobe. I recently discovered RED5 and I followed all tutorials I could find on the web.
    However I have a couple of very BASIC questions for new users that are nor fimilar with JAVA/RED5 and do work on windows.
    Let’s suppose I want to create a server side DEMO Java application (demo.asc script on Flash Media)
    1) what should I recompile ? the RED5 entirely ? Using ANT with :
    ant build ?
    ant clean ?
    ant server ?
    ant jar ?
    ant prepare ?
    Should I stop the RED5 windows service for this ?
    2) Let’s suppose I want to make changes to my DEMO java server side application (demo.asc in FMS)
    Should I recompile RED5 with ANT ? or just re-create the demo.class inside ECLIPSE ?
    3) On windows: is it better or run RED5 as standalone server or as a windows service ?

  • Yarek, you can check Red5 website to get answer of all your questions. Red5 has a strong user base and you can easily find many great tutorials to follow.

  • Mike D

    I can actually think of dozens of reasons to use FMS over red5. FMS might seem expensive, but apart from the better features, once you’ve wasted weeks trying to get simple things working in red5 that take hours in FMS (just installing red5 on a remote server is a trial of patience), then FMS becomes the better option. Red5 is just too damn finicky and java-centrique and over complicated. See yarek’s post above. Great if you have no money and huge amounts of time on your hands though.