SoundMixer with Papervision3d & ImageProcessing

Recently I’ve joined the papervision3d mailing list and started to make some little test with 3ds max exported files just to see how it works and its performances.
There are various demos around the net about papervision and all of them are really impressive. Unfortunately my skills with 3D studio max are less than zero and so I could test only with basic objects..

BTW, after I’ve discovered also this great library (ImageProcessing) I decided to make a test with both the libraries together to create some effects to be used in a SoundMixer movie.

Here the result of my experiment: Main.html

Once the music starts click on the stage with mouse to change the visualization effect.
There are 6 different effects.
For the papervision objects I used these .dae files: cube.dae, plane.dae and sphere.dae ( download them )

  • Nate Chatellier

    Hmm, I couldn’t run it. I’m running Flash 9.0r28 in Firefox 2.0 on a WinXP machine. Looks like the domain policy files aren’t setup properly:
    SecurityError: Error #2122: Security sandbox violation: SoundMixer.computeSpectrum: cannot access A policy file is required, but the checkPolicyFile flag was not set when this media was loaded.
    at effects::PlaneEffect/loop()
    at Main/::on_loop()

  • Alessandro

    Did you have some other html pages opened? it seems you had youtube opened…

  • stef

    Whaou…really impressive! and me no bug problem

  • this pwnz!
    really nice effects. im going to have to check out the ImageProcessing lib. thanx!

  • tiberiu

    I’ve got the same security error, this can be fixed somehow? to be able to open youtube and the sound mixer in the same time differnd tabs same browser?

  • JeroenW

    A fix for the SecurityError:
    Not only has the crossdomain.xml file be available, you also have to tell the player to check it. Do that when loading the sound:
    in the sound.load() method of the sound who’s spectrum you compute, you can add a second argument: a soundLoaderContext. This SondLoaderContext has to be instantiated with its second argument (checkPolicyFile) to “true”.