Flash CS3 announced (Euro prices too high?)

Finally Flash CS3 it’s here!
A lot of features have been included.. probably there are many reasons to upgrade, as they say:

Reasons to upgrade

– Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator® import
– Animation conversion to ActionScript™
– Adobe interface
– ActionScript 3.0 development
– Advanced debugger
– Adobe Device Central CS3

– BUT –

I really cant understand why the US upgrade is $ 199 (this is what I currently read on the store), while in Euro it will be € 298 (which is $396).
So if I buy Flash CS3 upgrade in Euro, I will pay the double price than american people!
Bad, bad thing!!

  • Hairy Palms

    It is ridiculous, I agree. I wonder if they have a good reason for this price-difference. Probably not. Love your work man. 🙂

  • Chris H

    the euro price has always been higher, but double the price is indeed ridiculous

  • I absolutely agree Alessandro — its a serious problem and its been raised numerous times with Adobe.
    There has always been a discrepancy in pricing for the US and Europe even back when the USD -> Euro exchange rates was almost 1:1.
    I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind it. Certainly if you buy one of the premium suites you’re almost better off to book a flight to NYC and a couple of nights in a hotel to buy the product over there.

  • Lol, master collection is $ 2,499.00 and € 3.598,80!!

  • I had no idea of the difference in price. I thought that flash cost the same, as I never looked on their other pages. seems to me that that should have one price regardless of where you live!
    Just my 2 cents, probably not worth that much:)

  • Benny

    Their European price policy is absolutely outrages (as it was in the past too). I really don’t see what reason they could have for this besides ripping us off.
    The fact that they even prevent us from buying straight from a US store is also unheard off: are they – by international law – really allowed to do that I wonder?

  • Is it me or…
    If I go to the Adobe Store (belgium) it says this:
    # Upgrade from � 240.79
    # � 199.00 ex VAT
    So �199 without taxes.
    If I go to Adobe Store VS, it says:
    # Upgrade from $199.00
    It doesn’t say if it’s with taxes or without, but it’s probably without since taxes differ from state to state. Even if it’s WITH taxes, it would still make sense since you would have to pay import taxes.
    Where did you get your prices from ??

  • I’ve got prices on the Adobe Italy store

  • In addition to my post above:
    It seems that Belgium is different then the rest…
    Belgium: €199
    Italy: €298
    France: €298
    Austria: €298
    Denmark: €246
    Netherlands: €296

  • For what it’s worth, I haven’t received much response to my own internal inquiries about the differences in regional pricing.
    It may be worthwhile to contact your local Adobe office directly to get answers to this recurring question. That’s the best I’ve got on this, sorry.

  • And perhaps most importantly, it runs on Vista (2k4 and 8 run like shit) and on Intelified Macs.

  • Besides ridiculous prices, you’re lucky guys – you CAN buy software through Adobe Store – in Poland it’s impossible (go to your distributor – for what? higher prices? lol).
    I would like to hear good explanaiton about price differences between USA-UE from Adobe, because nobody ever has told anything about this issue. And I would like to understand that as Macromedia(Adobe) loyal customer.

  • Thank you John for trying to get an answer…
    I don’t think someone in my local Adobe office could give me a valid answer.
    But Adobe is not the only one with this absurd difference in Euro/US prices. I saw the same thing when I bought an Ipod from the Apple store..

  • Davide

    Maciek, we can buy from Adobe Store…but only from Italian one!!!
    I registered by Macromedia (it was yet that company) account from Italy, so if I try to make an order from Adobe Store USA, it tells me “go to Italian store”…with higher price, obviously.
    Another ridicolous thing is that if I select (in the Italian store) Flash upgrade in Italian, I’ve a price 60 � higher thatn English one!
    And for suite like Web Premium difference is about 200 � !!!
    I’ve to pay the translation ???

  • Davide – I understand that, because before Adobe/Macromedia merge the EUR prices were also higher. I complain about other issue – there’s no possibility to buy Adobe softwere NOW via internet in Poland. And this really sucks (besides prices 😉

  • Davide

    Inou, surely your situation is worst because you can’t buy from Internet, and I think it’s not easy find ad Adobe reseller in Poland 🙂
    And it’s also true that EUR prices was higher than USD one also before…but for example, the upgrade from Studio 8 to Web Premium in USD id 499$.
    In EUR is 780 � … that’s 1040 $.
    More than double price!
    And if an user want upgrade from Italian version, 780 becames 950 �! Near 200 � only for translation ? This is a littla absurd, in my opinion!
    I hope you’ll find a reseller to buy CS 3 also from Poland…but also with a better price that Adobe store ones 😀

  • I don’t think so, but thanks anyway 😉

  • got really tedious problem with the adobe italy store (2 times did the full online purchase procedure, but both got canceled the day after with the order verification)
    and now adobe store seems to refuse my credit card.. 🙁
    anyway found a way to purchase in europe with standard europe price, it should work

  • Carsten Warnich

    Adobe’s policy SUCKS big time!
    I’ve been buying and paying both Adobe and MacroMedia products since the companies started.
    So I feel really screwed if I as a Dane have to pay double of what the Amerivans pay.
    But, hey – let’s look at the bright side:
    with this policy there will be an even shorter delay between the launch og the product and the launch of a hack *S*…

  • Incredible, I never noticed that there are strong distinctions between the different countries… that really sucks!

  • That’s relly odd guys. The price in Germany is 199 EUR without taxes which I think is ok. Since they do have to translate everything from English to another language. (It’s not just the menu items – think about the help files).
    But it’s hard to understand why Italians should pay 50 EUR more than Germans. Last time I checked it wasn’t that they were a hole lot richer…If they had higher prices for Switzerland or Monaco one might understand…

  • Martin

    Damned! Took the Fireworks price. For Flash it’s 249 for Germans too. So at least they’re not trying divide us Europeans. How nice of Adobe!

  • Ola

    What if i dont want a translated version? Why should i pay more for the exact same US English version?
    What do i have to do to buy legally from US?

  • I’m really angry at this pricing strategy that Adobe have adopted for the European market – it’s blatant discrimination.

    As a Studio 8 owner I love the new features in the Web Premium Suite of tools but the upgrade price difference between EU and US is ridiculous and makes the upgrading an ugly process, after all no-one wants to know they are paying over the odds compared with fellow Web professionals in another zone espec when that particuliar zone is the homebase of the company releasing the software. Smacks of one price for your chums and a premium price for everyone else.

    Upgrade prices as of 12th April 2007 for the Web Premium Suite (EN) (upgrading from Studio 8)
    EU = � 785.29
    US = $499 which = �369.93 ffs!!!

    even disregarding the currency switch, $499 against �785 is just a blatant rip tbh and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of those who were former MM customers.

    At least when MM were in charge of (most of) that suite of programs the diff was less than 100 yoyo’s between Stateside and here for Studio 8 when it launched in 2005. MM’s global view seemed fairer by and large, whereas Adobe seem to have (as feared) a typically traditional US Corp view on anything outside the home territory

    I for one would like a defined explanation from an Adobe Manager that can justify such a large and unsavoury price difference between the two zones.

    Global village – yeah right….

  • The nice thing is that buying a downloadable version is more expensive than a “boxe” version ( in the Italian Store ).
    Moreover the localization is not a good reason for the higher price, because the same upgrade English version bought in Italy costs 238 EUROs instead of 199 US $…
    Anyway I found several solutions/workarounds:
    –> Use a fake US account on the Adobe Store ( if you are not a professional user, of course )
    –> Buy the software from an US store ( like Amazon at a lower price of 169 US$ instead of 199 US$ http://www.amazon.com/Adobe-Flash-Pro-CS3-Upgrade/dp/B000NDICSG/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2/103-4193991-2947049?ie=UTF8&s=software&qid=1176880984&sr=1-2 )
    –> Start using other Open Source solutions like Haxe
    Happy coding,

  • Alessandro Crugnola
  • I live in england and I want to buy cs3 web premium, I’m not happy about the price I have to pay in comparison to the price that the software sells for in america. I am not a company and I would have to pay the VAT.
    I have several relatives who live in america. I was thinking of ordering the the software on amazon and having it shipped to their address.
    Does anyone know what kind of taxes and shipping costs would need to be payed when they send it over for me?
    Might I run into any problems using the american version once I install it on my maching that resides in the uk? For example, if the software has any kind of automatic or manual internet update feature will this functionality in the american version of the software still function if installed on a machine that has a uk ip address?
    I also have a family member who is going to america for a holiday in the near future, I have considered asking them if they would buy the software for me while they are over there, what sort of issues would they face when bringing software from america into the uk?
    I’ve tried to do some research into these questions already but I haven’t been able to find anything.

  • Im in the same situation as Alex (sucks). I was lookin at the American store, and what if you didnt have them deliver the software but chose the download option instead. Someone must have tried this, any luck?
    Im guessing they might pick up that its a UK ip, but can you use an american proxy site to fool it?
    Why, when they’re trying to make sure people buy software and dont just use cracks, do they make it so hard! 🙁 grrrr, i reckon this descrimination encourages people to use hacks right, anyone else feel robbed payin an extra �600 for web premium?

  • Incredible, I never noticed that there are strong distinctions between the different countries… that really sucks!

  • erik

    Adobe can kiss my white Dutch ass. I will never allow them to screw me over the way they are trying to do now. I will continue using my cracked versions, though I am willing to buy the licenses. But not at the current pricing. Since I sometimes also work with Visual Webdeveloper with ASP.Net, I am now thinking about leaving the Flash platform completely and moving over to Silverlight….
    Stop punishing your customers Adobe!