Actionscript Image filtering experiments

I never worked so much on image filters with Flash and ActionScript, but due to the current project we’re working on we (me and Gabriele) started enjoying the image filtering with Flash.
Ok, there’s still so much to learn, but it’s the beauty of discovering new worlds 🙂
Even if for some multiple-pass filters the player is quite slow and so we need to make a step by step filter (applying the filter line per line).

However, here some of our experiments

  • Anonymous

    awesome, can you publish the source for one of the samples (using the line by line) approach

  • great effects!
    looking forward to see sources for kuwahara & brush pen! 🙂 I really love them!

  • Not sure if you saw this site, but it has lots of source files you can dissect in case you need more with the image filters.

  • cr3n

    The kuwahara is sooo great. And others as well. Are you willing to share some of the sources? Especially for the kuwahara? 🙂

  • Sablotron

    Great work! Is it possible to have some of the sources, please? Thank you!

  • James917

    Can you please show me the brush pen filter

  • Xquizo

    Hi Alessandro I want to use brush pen effect in a project, can you share this code as open source? or in other wise please tell me the cost.