Fear of Silverlight?

Since the announcement of Microsoft Silverlight I continue to read posts of flashers (being subscribed to mxna feed) attacking silverlight in various manner.. (here some links to these posts)
I must admit I don’t know silverlight at all. I just watched some online demos and downloaded some examples.
For what I’ve seen I don’t like it too (but just for personal feeling), but I also have to consider it’s the first (and beta) version….
Otherwise I think the vector rendering engine is more powerful than the flash one.

But why people fear of it? Does it because it’s a Microsoft stuff? Or just because it’s a possible Flash competitor?
Usually when someone attacks something, this means that you fear or it. But I don’t agree, I hope MS will continue the development of silverlight because competition can only be a benefit in a global market.
Don’t you agree with this?

  • I think there is room for everyone on this rich experience application market. For people working for years in big flash projects, and so having refined the work flow a lot, watching this status of wpe makes laugh. Is REALLY like comparing AS3 with AS1. Let’s see how it goes anyway, I didn’t test it on a mac yet.

  • agree,that’s call human, lol

  • jjshea

    I don’t like it at all, seems really clunky to me. But I agree with you 100% that competition is good for the global market and even better for overall product quality and design! On the Microsoft issue, what gets me the most is that no matter how much of a giant they are they still can’t come up with something original, new, and innovative? It always seems they just try to take over what other developers are doing with their money and power. Even with Vista I can’t help but think the Mac OS was used as their model and now Microsoft is just using their money and marketing power to push it out to the global market using the same old tactics. I can just picture the MS executive sitting there with the Mac OS in front of them saying we need to compete, make Vista look like this.
    My biggest hope when MM sold out to adobe was that there would be some core coders that come out with something to compete against the giants…I’m still waiting and hopeful that it will come!

  • I do not fear the technology so much as I fear the demand for the technology. I’m not sure what will be expected of us as designers/developers. Currently we have to ensure our projects work on PC/mac, Firefox/IE,Safari but will we also be required to present both flash versions of a project as well as silverlight. This might seem arb, but I’ve built projects that launched any one of 3 video players (Quicktime, Media Player, Real Player).
    Ultimately people will use the product that is in demand the most. If silverlight can deliver what flash cannot, it’s features will be in demand and thats where the money will be.

  • Roy

    If it wasn’t for Microsoft notorious habit of pushing their inferior products to dominate the market, competition would’ve been welcomed. But when Microsoft’s in the picture, the rules of “let the best product win” no longer apply.

  • I personally don�t really see this as a threat to flash. Flash has wide adoption; I don�t see Youtube switching to silverlight anytime soon. I personally have not seen one example that cannot be handled in a better manner with flash. I do think the competition is good and I personally am looking forward to more people using Flex now that it will be open sourced. Another thing that people should keep in mind is Adobe id building an ecosystem around Flash and Open Source just take a look at the Tarmin project for Firefox. Flash is truly cross platform I can use flash on Linux Silverlight on the other hand is not really cross platform. Plus it doesn�t have tight integration with designer tools. Silverlight is no threat it is simply too little too late..

  • Oliver Turner

    Roy’s right: my worry is that having “rebooted the web” (per Robert Scoble… I don’t think he thought that one through) they’ll do their usual and embrace-and-extend it so that through brute force they’ll lock us – developers and users alike – into their proprietary orbit.
    So it runs on a Mac. Great achievement guys. Sarcasm aside, I wonder for how long it will continue to do so.
    Competition is great for everyone, but only when it’s pursued in the long term: we’ve seen Microsoft do this before and I’m still losing money over the extra development time I have to put into coding round IE’s bugs after they killed the market leading competitor and promptly stopped development. Their stated aim is to produce a Flash-killer; I just hope they succeed like they killed the iPod with Zune.

  • Flash needs some quality competition. Flash would evolve more quickly if it had serious competition. I would love to see more competitors in this slice of cyberspace.
    Sam the Gardener

  • mark brown

    first shit that i can see, IE process priority is set to above normal, and is impossible set to normal,processor take a long time to switch to another task.
    microsoft is cheating.

  • Gogo

    I don’t know the product but the web don’t need competition, needs standars. With a monopolist there is no fair competition and MS it’s know to be against standards. It’s olso connected to .net so it’s probabily bloatware (as flash UI).
    I already see lots of programmers that pretend to be a creative.
    Another browser plugin to install for milions of users,(on IE will be already there? Yes, fair competition).
    I wasted my life to make cross-browser sites, and clients have wasted lot of money couse M$ don’t follow the standards. Now we have to make cross plug-in animations?

  • milan

    Finally somebody with healthy
    opinion on that. Very good post, congratulations! Competition is always good.

  • sillencer

    Was the recent IE feature that is blocking ActiveX-Flash content from instant execution one of MS’s early tricks to slow down Flash progress? Will IE also be blocking Silverlight in the same matter?

  • Dameon

    Competition is good, who knows what the future holds for Flash / Flex vs silverlight.