ActionScript3 library for MySQL, be careful!

Today I’ve read on Mike Chanbers blog a post about a newly born library which allows flex2/as3 to connect directly to mysql.

Here’s the link to the project:

I must admit some times ago I tried to make a similar thing because I know as3 could speak directly to mysql.. but it was just a test and I sopped immediately the experiments.

About the assql library: this library can be useful if you think to use it in Apollo applications, but never never think to use it on the web!
First of all you need a mysql server which allows connections outside the localhost env, secondly you need to set the database password within the swf file and thirdly you will have queries within the swf too.. bad. Better to stay on amfphp or webservices

Even if a scrambler is provided with this library, it will be quite easy to sniff the password too..

Anyway, awesome library indeed for the Apollo framework!

  • mooska

    You can set users privillages to something more secure, and use stored procedurs as a filter.
    I have also developed such library, and dont think its a bad idea to use it in standard swfs. – look for the security part.

  • Wolkenjaeger

    I don’t get it. Why is it not dangerous to use it with Apollo Applications? Isn’t Apollo sending data also over the Internet? Why is Apollo more secure? Please enlighten me.

  • Alessandro Crugnola

    I was just meaning using in Apollo applications using local installed databases..

  • herve

    How I can use assql from a web server with the new security sandbox of flashplayer 10 ? I use a crossdomain.xml file but, I have a error 2048 ? I can use assql only with AIR apps.