• What happened to them ?
    They used to stand out, now they seem a bit pop with the new singer. she seems a bit of a walker-on. I also don’t understand how the dead angel could stand in that position, just before she came back to life when the boy touched her, close the end of the video.
    I’m a bit mean because I never was a huge fan of goth music, so don’t mind my words.
    At least the guys just keep on rockin’

  • Dont worry about your words! Everyone has different music preferences.
    You’re right, they changed a bit (but the previous album Once was different from the other ones too), but I think this is also due to the characteristics of the new singer; a softer voice.
    Also about the video.. I didn’t understand it too, but how many video clip are clear? 🙂

  • Allora non mancherai di sicuro al loro concerto al Palalido di Milano il 2 Marzo 2008 🙂
    Buona continuazione!

  • Broly

    The video is inspired to a picture made by Hugo Simberg and named “Wounded Angel”
    The author never revelied the meaning of the picure.
    The video maybe is a sort of “interpretation” by Nightwish of “what happened next ?”

  • Wow… you’re great programmar and now i happen that you’re fans of the legendary Nightwish… you’re the best…

  • Wow, great video. Though I am a fan of a little different kind of music (indie rock), I must say I pretty liked what I saw and heard. Maybe I should get to know Nightwish better? greetings from Poland.

  • li ascoltavo anche io ma mi sembra ci sia un po’ poca sostanza nei pezzi.