Firefox 3 beta 1!

After the early alpha development version of Firefox, Gran Paradiso (it was December 2006 if I’m not wrong), today Mozilla announced the first Firefox beta version.
Here you can find the full post which introduced the new Beta.

What’s new?

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  • Gecko 1.9 Web rendering platform, which has been under development for the past 27 months and includes nearly 2 million lines of code changesĀ  (!!)
  • One click site info: Click the site favicon in the location bar to see who owns the site. Identity verification is prominently displayed and easier to understand. In later versions, Extended Validation SSL certificate information will be displayed
  • Malware Protection: malware protection warns users when they arrive at sites which are known to install viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware
  • New Web Forgery Protection page: the content of pages suspected as web forgeries is no longer shown
  • New SSL error pages
  • Add-ons and Plugin version check: Firefox now automatically checks add-on and plugin versions and will disable older, insecure versions
  • Secure add-on updates: to improve add-on update security, add-ons that provide updates in an insecure manner will be disabled (I hope this wont break half of the current extenions!).
  • Anti-virus integration
  • New Download Manager
  • Resumable downloading
  • Full page zoom
  • Improved Platform for Developers (mmhhh.. this it’s interesting!)

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Flex Canvas bug when it is zoomed in and “horizontalCenter = 0”

To understand what I mean see this example and try to scale the image:

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< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:application xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" backgroundAlpha="0">
   <mx:number id="scale">1</mx:number>
   <mx:vbox horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0">
      <mx:hbox width="100%" horizontalCenter="0">
         <mx:label text="Zoom" /><mx:hslider value="{scale}" change="{scale = HSlider(}" width="100%" />
      <mx:canvas width="200" height="200"
               backgroundColor="#EEEEEE" borderColor="#666666"
               borderStyle="solid" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0" >
         <mx:image id="image" source="@Embed('../assets/test.png')" scaleX="{scale}" scaleY="{scale}"
                 verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0" />

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Essay National Service A couple of days ago I received a notification that the bug has been closed… and incredible they closed it as NOT A BUG!
I can understand that finding the bug in a file with 5000 and more lines of code it’s not easy and can cause horrible headache, but the reason they gave it’s nosense! It’s completely a different thing that the reason of this bug. English Help Online

A RIA have to behave as a desktop application that runs using the web browser. One of the advantages of Flex agains Ajax is that the first technology provide to the user a behaviour which is much more similar to desktop applications that the one provided using HTML+Javascript. And so my questions is: why should Flex behave like HTML when one of its most important features is to be different from HTML ?
Flex behaves like other SDKs used to develop desktop apps in many situations which are much less important than the one hilighted above. So why close this bug (yes. it is a bug) providing as explanation that it is correct because it behaves like HTML ?

(my)SQL-Front is back!

MySQL-Front was one of the first mysql clients I ever installed and I was very disappointed when it closed..

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16 months ago, many users of this program were surprised and disappointed to see the project discontinued rather suddenly. I am sorry that I was unable to find a way of continuing the project at that time, so that the users had to suffer from its disappeance. This discontinuation was the result of a senseless fight – from which, at the end of the day, noone had an advantage.

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