Get your Aviary invitation!

One of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever worked on is finally coming out. It’s really gratifying when looking at what people is able to do using our software, for example meowza, one of my favourite artists.. Damn, I wrote the software but I just can draw a couple of circles and place a text on the canvas, nothing else 🙂 I would never have imagined that someone could do so awesome images.

Now Aviary finally opens to beta user using invitations. So, if you want to participate to the beta and try out Phoenix or Peacock ( the tool created by Mario ) just send me an email, I can give out some invitations.
We’re also planning to add some new cool features to Phoenix in the next days!
Recently Mario has also posted on his site a nice video on both Peacock and Phoenix in action, watch it here.

P.S. We’re hiring! If you’re a talented developer write me an email!

  • Al

    Hello, I wasn’t sure where to email a request for an invite for I thought I’d do it here if that’s ok. Please send one if you can spare it. Thanks!

  • Bruno Flores

    Hi there Alessandro!
    I want to participate. Can i get an invitation?
    Thanks in advance
    Bruno Flores

  • John

    I also would love an invite. Thanks much!

  • Hi! I also want to participate. Please invite me for testing. Thanks in advance!
    Greetings, Bernardo

  • Rick

    This is some amazing work, I’d love a beta invite if you can spare!

  • Steve Joy

    the products in Aviary are so stunning and amazing!
    could you send one invitation to me? I want to try .

  • I love to play and experiment with the Aviary tools. Can you sign me up for a beta?

  • kamigabe

    Hi Alessandro, can I have an invite please? Thanks a lot!

  • Davide Beltrame

    Hello Sephiroth, I’d like a lot to try Aviary…I’m watching the Aviary blog everyday waiting to try Phoenix & co…I’d really like an invitation if possible 😀

  • scott

    id like an invitation! apps look great.

  • TandemAdam

    Can I please get an invite

  • Anders Jessen

    This looks really awsome and would love to test it out.
    Can you send me an invite?

  • Bring on the new generation of in browser software. This stuff looks fantastically powerful. I’d love to give it a try if there are still any invites up for grabs.

  • Matt Nicolaysen

    If you have any invites and can spare one, I would love to participate. Thank you.

  • David

    Hey, I’d love to get an invite to try this out!!

  • Jack T

    hi this looks great, can u send me an invitation, cheers!

  • Ben

    I would really like an Aviary invite please!

  • Kobe

    This project looks great!
    I have been working with The Gimp for about two years now, and I would love to try out Phoenix.
    If you still have an invitation, please send me.
    Thanks in advance. 😉

  • aLi

    It is remained one invite for me?

  • Hi, cen you send me an invitation please 🙂
    Thanks in advance.

  • Michael D

    Can I please have an invite?

  • rebecca Taylor

    Hello, could I also have an invite to Aviary? THANK YOU! -rebecca

  • Alvin Trusty

    If you still have invites to give out, I could the beta a good test.

  • Thoms

    I was amazed by the tools. Can’t wait to use it, if you have any invitation left, please send one to me. thanks

  • Robert Speicher

    I’d like an invite if you are sending them.

  • Dulan Dante

    Hey, can I have an invitation for aviary?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Any invites still left? If any, please send it this way^^

  • Dpctprs custom


  • David V.

    I would love an Aviary invite if you still have any. Thanks.

  • ed

    can you send me an invitation? im very interested in testing pheonix

  • I’d absolutely adore an invite if you still have any.

  • rob

    I know this post is kind of old, but I would really like to get my hands on an aviary invite. My email address is redgell at gmail dot kom

  • Aaron

    hi, can I please have an Aviary invite, it looks very interesting! thanks in advance -Aaron

  • Forrest

    hi can i please have a invite it looks so cool

  • kris

    i’d really like to get an invite to if possible, thanks

  • peter

    Hi, if you still have invitations, it would be very nice if you can give me one. Thanks!

  • hey, i’m a web designer and i would love to try out aviary beceaus i’m always on the road and dont always have a laptop with me where i can run photoshop on,
    greetings from Belgium.

  • Miles Peyton

    Hi! I would really like an invite, it would make my day!

  • thank you for the information for aviary.
    check my page in deviant art and if you have invitation for me is very appreciate.
    sorry for my bad English im French.
    one more time thank you.

  • can i have an invite-code, too please? Thank you guys

  • Just sent 😉

  • Charlie

    I would like an invite code please.

  • is there an invite-code left for me? ;o)
    would be great! thx!

  • Invitation sent!

  • Jacob

    Think maybe I could get an invite 🙂
    That would be totally cool!

  • Ben

    Invite please?

  • Jason Burnett

    I would just about kill or die to get the chance to beta-test Aviary.
    Admittedly that was a bit dramatic, so hows about:
    Please, Please, Please Can You Spare a Beta Invite for Aviary
    Thanks in advance,