Talking about dead projects…

Today I was watching some of the pictures from the last Flex 360 meeting in Milan ( on 7/9 April ) which someone posted on Flickr you can’t imagine my surprise when I saw this photo.

Unfortunately I dont know what they were talking about in the meantime, but for me just watching that picture gave me a sense of melancholy!

But… I don’t think the only advantage of SEPY was the “easy to use”, for what I remember it had tons of useful features..

By the way, are you sure that is a dead project?  🙂

  • Some of my workmates still use SEPY. I have to admit that I made the switch to a year or so ago, but came the other to see if someone finally was able to compile SEPY for Ubuntu.
    I really, really miss a nice Flash editor on Linux!
    I went to the project’s page and though it was “dead” too, it isn’t?

  • “By the way, are you sure that is a dead project? :)”
    Oh … do you mean that “there is something in the AIR” ? 😛

  • I still use sepy occassionally. I think it’s a great actionscript editor. love the little panels like members and todo.

  • Probably 😉

  • jonathas sampaio

    it isn’t????
    Now i’m using flashDevelop when I on windows, but
    “I really, really miss a nice Flash editor on Linux!” – Zarate
    Me Too!!!!

  • I love sepy editor, fast, configurable, todo panels, snippets.
    The last time I’ve open it was on 2006 for an AS2 site.

  • and on OS X is also a lack of good AS editors 🙁

  • cddin

    maybe they ask somebody that do not much knowledge in flash..

  • hi Alessandro, I’m the author of that slide, please excuse me for the mistake.
    I was talking about open source softwares for as3/flex/air and sepy was just mentioned in a few note as one of the most known os IDE for actionscript, but unfortunately not much useful for targeting AVM2 apps.
    here you can view the slides:
    Btw i’m completely agree with you, sepy is a great software, but you must admit there are no releases since year.
    * Are you meaning there will be a sepy version for AVM2? 😀

  • Hi jaco,
    you’re completely right. I stopped that project 2 years ago and in fact it’s useless for AVM2 projects. Dont worry, I did this post only because of the surprise of seeing sepy again mentioned 🙂
    Anyway, next time you won’t be able to use just one slide for the list of features 🙂

  • alrevez

    I miss SE|PY it was my first Actionscript Editor and for the beginners is a very usefull tool.

  • Noclegi

    I used to use SEPA but it hasn’t been updated for a long time. And what about progress?

  • rob

    i just love the function “comment all the trace in all the open documents”.
    Shame no other editor implemented this lovely tool.
    proud (for u and italy ) to find a lot of dev in uk using it.

  • I used it alot. i used it and thanks to it i did some of my great flash works. if sepy wasnt exists, im very sure that i couldn’t do that.
    today, I use it but very rarely. because FDT+eclipse is the forced way.AS3 and OOP matters.
    but, i want to say tons of thanks for SEPY and its developer/s. that is great work for all of flash developers in the world.

  • Paulo

    Same as previous “posters”, I miss sepy and I still have the rss feed on my reader waiting for a new post :).
    A Linux/Win/OSX AS3 updated version will be great.
    Thanks for all your effords.

  • Barry

    Gutted that SE|PY is no more. It was the best AS editor around, so many useful features and pleasure to develop with.
    Really wish it hadn’t been abandoned. It was great while it lasted though. Have still been using it for AS2 projects, but for AS3 I’m going to ahve to switch to FlashDevelop I think. Not really happy about that, particularly as some dullard decided that the commenting shortcut should be CTRL + Q WTF!!!!! Idiot decision!!! Must find a way to change the keyboard shortcuts!