AS3 tour, last stop Milan

Just come back from the big Apple and discovered that Adobe as3tour, presented by Colin Moock, will be in Italy on Moday 23rd of June, and more precisely in Milan at the Atathotel Executive .

Do My Homework For Money Also, this will be the last stop of the tour! So don’t miss it if you live near Milan, like me!

The course teaches object-oriented programming fundamentals in ActionScript 3.0. it is designed for Flash users with beginner to intermediate programming skills (*NOT* advanced programmers). the target audience should have:
* familarity with the Flash authoring tool
* basic knowledge of variables and functions
* little or no experience with object oriented programming

go here topics covered include object-oriented programming, classes, objects,
variables, methods, packages, event handling, displaying things on
screen, and compiling and running programs.

link Anyway, dont miss the beer(s) at the end of the meeting!! 🙂

  • go to link hey Alessandro, I’ll be there too 🙂
    Beers are always welcome 😛