AMFPHP recent updates

College Application Essay Services Well, after a long time without any news it seems now we’re close to different updates about AMFPHP.

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As you probably know Wade Arnold took the place of Patrick some time ago as project leader but no real big changes were committed since then.
But after the partnership between Zend and Adobe things started to change and amfphp started to move forward to the Zend Framework… and in fact many developers were afraid about the real future of amfphp.
Bt, as Wade said, the amfphp core will remain separated from the framework implementation ( a framework which I will never use however ), in order to have a shared core and 2 different branches for the implementation. ( a new release was promised before Adobe MAX )
However I’m afraid too about what could happen expecially when 2 major software houses “promote” an opensource project. Dissertation Writing Assistance What Is The Best Probably I’m too sceptical, but I believe that in the future more and more things will be only supported in the zend_amf and not in the standalone amfphp project.
  • Couldn’t stand to notice this “( a framework which I will never use however )” …. 😀 What is your view on ZF ? I have been following your work online 5 years now or even more … Buy Mariner Montage MAC oem I am just curious to see how one of the flash world most prominent figure tackles on that. Tax Assignment Help Australia In php world there is also an alernative to amfphp as you surely know about(SabreAMF)

  • I think i understand that some developers are scared by this change but as a heavy user of Zend Framework at company, i am quite happy that this happened. Research Paper Website I do not know why you are afraid of using this framework, i would recommend it to everybody and maybe this is the way AMFPHP will get more popular than ever before.

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  • Rafael Cheap Writing Paper On the positive side, the introduction of Zend_AMF could make the format ubiquitous among different web-hosts. I’m also curious as to Alessandro’s objections of the Zend Framework.

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  • amfphp is still open source and it is up to us as a comminity to use it which ever way we choose, surely wade arnold is not the only amfphp developer? and if so, why not lend a hand..? (personally i really don’t like the old amfphp it should have been abstract like sabre amf which was far more flexible in my opinion)