Add system excepthook in actionscript!

Imagine they don’t have the flashplayer debug installed and at certain points they fall into undiscovered application bugs ( it’s impossible to have a real bug free application, we know this ).
Then, what happens? With the flashplayer debug installed you can see the traceback and you can also continue or dismiss the code execution. But without the debug player? The code will try to continue but probably at that point your application is broken and users will feel it more and more uncomfortable with it.
What I would like to have in flash, and probably you too, is a global system exception handling for those unhandled exception.
In this way you can both present the problem to your users and then also create a report system which will help you to improve and fix your own application!
Something like I did with SEPY years ago using the Write My Paper College sys.excepthook of python:
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Welcome to Myna, newest Aviary bird!

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Today Aviary released a new tool of his suite: Write My Essay Paper For Me Myna.
Myna is a powerful online audio editor, made by Alan Queen, which allows to create quickly audio remix.
You can upload, record or just use one of the tons of available clips ( thanks to the partnership with APM Music and its Quantum tracks library ) to create cool audio mix.
More about Myna:
Let’s enjoy it!

Download flash camp presentation

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I’m publishing here the pdf of the slides me and Gabriele used in the Flash Camp in Rimini last Saturday, if someone is interested.
You can download the pdf here: flex camp.pdf
P.S. Saturday night was really great, thank you everyone 🙂