Alchemy installation problems under OSX cheap custom essay writing services I’m writing this little issue I discovered today in the alchemy installation under OSX, in case someone else is having the same problem… master thesis in mobile communication
In fact, today I decided to makes a little swc library for an actionscript project using alchemy ( because of the lacks of union in flash ), so I downloaded the alchemy toolkit for OSX.

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I spent a couple of hours trying to make it working on my Snow Leopard and because I’m not a shell and perl expert I finally moved to the linux toolkit under ubuntu ( even if on linux the Flex builder is really far to be usable!)
Anyway, this evening I decided to spend some more time trying to understand why when I was trying to execute the alchemy “ chronological order of research paper gcc” script ( the ones inside the achacks folder, which is a perl script) nothing happened.
After long time with old style “print” debugging strategy, at the end I discovered an error in the “ dissertation paper config” script in the main alchemy installation folder.
At this line (line 33):
I had to modify it into:
because the command “echo $MACHTYPE” outputs “ business plan writers ottawa x86_64-Apple-Darwin“, with the uppercase “D”.
In fact, after that modification everything finally worked!