Vector.splice bug thesis for video game essay Usually people complain about opensource projects because they lack of documentation ( that’s true most of the times.. ), but this doens’t happen only there…

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Today I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand why I was so stupid because I wasn’t able to concatenate 2 vectors of int using splice.
But for what you can read from the *official* Adobe documentation, which says (about the third parameter for the splice method): which is the best essay writing service … items — An optional list of one or more comma-separated values, **or a Vector**, to insert into the Vector at the position specified in the¬†startIndex parameter. term paper writing services
Ok, that’s why I didn’t know why I couldn’t manage to make it work! This simple code gives wrong results:

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var v1: Vector.<int> = new Vector.</int><int>(); v1.push(1); follow url v1.push(2); thesis on service quality in banks v1.push(3); v1.push(4); link enter site var v2: Vector.</int><int> = new Vector.</int><int>(); v2.push(100);
v1.splice( 1, 1, v2 );  

// Expected result: [1,100,200,3,4]
// Actual result: [1,0,3,4] </int>

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what is patriotism essay It seems that the third parameter is being casted into int and so only ‘0’ has been inserted into the first Vector! dissertation in education

buy viagra kuta bali I tried to look into Adobe jira bugbase and what I’ve found there is that it was a known bug since long time and it has been also moved to the tamarin bugbase.

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christopher columbus paper The problem is that at the end they simply closed the bug as invalid bug because the documentation was wrong! essay writing websites free cause or effect essay Funny

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