Amethyst Actionscript editor

amethyst screenshotIt’s since the first time I used Eclipse that I’m waiting for an actionscript editor non eclipse based!

I never like eclipse and hated all its problems.
Unfortunately Adobe decided to implement its editor over eclipse and also other nice editors, like fdt, used the eclipse framework to build their own editors.
I used Visual Studio for a while but that was enough to make me fall in love with it.
Visual Studio is indeed the best editor at all, without doubts!
Finally I discovered an interesting project for editing actionscript projects integrated into Visual Studio.
Amethyst is still in beta and probably too premature to be used in large production environment, but it’s a great news for me.
I hope they’ll continue in the development and create a serious competitor for Flash Builder.
For more info visit their product page:
  • I love Visual Studio as much as you do. However it makes only sense if the language uses it to its full extent. And the implementation has to be fast.
    You can give IntelliJ IDEA a shot as well. It is much better than FlexBuilder, not Eclipse based and the best IDE available at the moment IMHO.

  • Exactly, IntelliJ IDEA is great, highly recommended.

  • FlashDevelop is a great alternative.

  • FlashDevelop is indeed a bliss, and is also lightning fast.