Playing with a LocalActivityManager bug

comparateur de prix pour viagra If you already used theĀ ActivityGroup class you probably used also the LocalActivityManager instance to manage your group’s activities. I was creating my activity which should also manages its internal history ( using a ViewFlipper for animating the activity views ). common application essay help maximum words The problem came out once I tried to destroy an activity from the history using the LocalActivityManager destroy method. After an activity was removed from both my internal history and from the local activity manager I was unable to create a new instance of the same activity.

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buy custom essays uk After googling for my problem I found that it was because a bug in the LocalActivityManager class: This is exactly my problem! In fact, debugging the android code ( see this post for debugging android code ) at that point it was clear that the record it’s not removed from the internal essay writer in vancouver mActivities map. scholarship essay for business school microeconomics homework help online Fortunately there are Reflections which can help me! I added this piece of code after the call to the destroy method:

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Field mActivitiesField = getLocalActivityManager().getClass().getDeclaredField( "mActivities" ); custom dissertation writing questions mActivitiesField.setAccessible( true ); how to write an admission essay writing ((Map) mActivitiesField.get( getLocalActivityManager() )).remove( id ); ocr salters chemistry coursework help pay to solve homework and that trick does the job

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