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Basically it’s a library which allows you to load any type of images (local or remote, assets or resources) asynchronously┬áinto your ImageView. It will load them in background for you, this not blocking the UI. It has also an internal cache system and it also comes with some useful features like “fade” ( when an image is loaded into the view it will automatically create a fade in effect ), “transform” ( you want to post transform the loaded bitmap ), “resize”, “fit” and more.

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1 Cache cache = new LruCache( 1024*1024*1 ); I Need Essay Help How Do I Get Help With Writing A Paper // now create a new request which will use this cache object Picasso.with( this ).load( file ).withCache( myCache ).into( imageView );

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1    Bitmap decode( String path ) throws IOException; Dissertation Writing Service }

1    .load( Uri.parse( "custom.resource://" + file ) ) Best College Application Essay Service Manager    .withGenerator( new Generator() {       @Override          public Bitmap decode( String path ) throws IOException { Gis Phd Thesis             return whatever(path); Custom College Paper          } Of Mice And Men Persuasive Essay       } ).into( imageView ); Homework Helper Josh Alderton

1 public RequestCreator resize(int targetWidth, int targetHeight, boolean onlyIfBigger);

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1 Buying A Research Proposal options.inPreferredConfig = Config.RGB_565; University Of Texas At Austin Homework Service Picasso.with(this)    .load(file)