java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError workaround

Buy Paper Online There are a bunch of bug reports in the android project like this: or this Writing A Cv For Academic Positions Cleaning The problem is that Google basically marked all of them as “resolved”, even if developers are still complaining about it. 5 Paragraph Order Essay

Research Papers On Tqm For instance, this is the first workaround I found: Homework For You Papers On Education

Proper Heading For College Admission Essay And in fact, inside the comments of that file you can read this:

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Reviews For Online Paper Writers to a directory in /data/app-lib/, for example: College Essays Cancer /data/data/ -> /data/app-lib/[-1]. Assistance Writing A Personal Statement When updating the application, the PackageManager create a new directory, Comment Faire Une Dissertation En Histoire Geographie e.g., /data/app-lib/, and remove the old symlink and Fast Custom Essay recreate one to the new directory. However, on some devices (e.g. Sony Xperia), Distinctively Visual Essay the old directory was deleted, but deleting the old symlink failed, and that makes system loading library from the /system/lib directory. Good Personal Statement Dissertation Writing Service Sri Lanka Gift

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