Name: Alessandro Crugnola
What I am in few words: a computer lover!

I started playing with computer using Flash Actionscript and PHP, more or less in 2000. I currently use actionscript as my primary language, but during these years I started studying other languages.
I had experiences with Python, C# and Java.

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Outside the computer stuff things, I love to travel!
Here you can see some of my travel pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/alessandro.crugnola

  • Daniel D. Vanzin

    Hi, I made a small correction to Flash Tracer, enabling it to Firefox 5 and fixing a problem where it prevented the log from being cleared (fbtracer.js, line 316, set TraceOutputBuffered to ZERO). Would you please consider updating your plugin, or at least allow me to upload it to firefox addons giving you the credits for the plugin? Thanks

    • Thanks! I will update the plugin asap including your credits.
      About uploading to the Firefox addons directory I’d like to mantain the plugin here, I had too many problems using official mozilla addon site..

      • Daniel D. Vanzin

        Alright, thank you.

  • Eyal

    I have 2 questions regarding to Image zoom and scrolling.

    How can I use “wrap_content” for hight and width of ImageViewTouch?
    How can I avoid the automaticly scale down of the image?


  • Dan Barell

    Ciao Alessandro, sto scrivendo un piccolo articolo sulla Flash Platform. Volevo conferma che tu non hai alla base studi scolastici/universitari di tipo tecnico-informatico. Esattamente all’università degli studi di perugia cosa studiavi?

    Hi Alessandro, I’m writing a small article about Flash Platform, about designer getting developers. I wanted a confirmation about your student’s career. That you had no technical background before starting ActionScript development

  • Dan Barell

    Hi Alessandro, I’m writing a small article about Flash Platform, about designer getting developers. I wanted a confirmation about your student’s career. That you had no technical background before starting ActionScript development

    Thanks, dan

  • Zachi

    Hello Allesandro,

    could you make the Flash Switcher compatible to Firefox 5 please ?


  • Latachugh

    Hi, Image Vie zoom example is very nice but i need image flipping also with zoom functionality. i have added that functionality in your code but not working properly. please help if u have any idea…

  • Zen


    i’m trying to use your AS3 Serializer class but i’m having trouble using it. When i’m compiling the fla (using the example you provided for AS3), it throws this kind of error:
    ”1004: Namespace was not found or is not a compile-time constant.’ and its source is: ‘mx_internal static var c:uint;’ and the other one is: ‘use namespace mx_internal;’

    am i missing something?

    • Zen

      By the way, im using Flash CS4 to do this.

  • Luca Lo Re

    Ciao Alessandro, sono anni che ti seguo assiduamente, non tornavo sul tuo sito da parecchio tempo, vado a vdermi le novità nella galleria fotografica.

    Ave al guru italiano di AS

  • DanS

    Sorry to post a tech question here but I can’t find a better way to reach you!

    I am using your AS2 image capture technique described in this article: http://www.sephiroth.it/tutorials/flashPHP/print_screen/index.php

    It has worked great for me in the past, but for some reason in my most recent project, after having the user upload an image of their own earlier in the process, the data sent to pixels.php is arriving completely blank! instead of color values, it is receiving “,,,,,,,,,,”. The very strange part of this is that if the user does upload their own image, the rest of the screen is captured and uploaded just fine. When they do upload their own image, the resulting jpg is the correct dimensions, but each pixel is white.

    Can you think of any reason for this? I’m at a loss! Let me know if you would like my contact info to continue the conversation, and how best to deliver that to you.

    • DanS

      *if the user does NOT upload their own image

  • Alishaheen

    Got you from MultiDirectionSlidingDrawer. 🙂 .
    It is excellent.
    I have a problem.wrap content is not working as it supposed to be.I mean when i close drawer.Although it hides content but still space occupied by whole sliding drawer does not reduces and it still occupies same space on the layout.
    May be View.Gone for content is not working.I do not know why.may you suggest something or give an idea?

  • Wincod75

    I recently followed your tutorial for the Flash Form using PHP. I attempted to input your method into my flash website and had no success. I then attempted to use the downloaded source file folder as my root folder for Dreamweaver, eliminating the entire website besides the simple form, again no success. Yes, I did replace the code information with my domain website address. I’m using Flash CS5. Am I missing something or not doing something properly? Any input would help, thanks!

  • Abd ALLAH Zidan

    Hey Alessandro,
    Is there anyway to use the purePDF with a commercial product?

  • Fabrizio

    Salve Alessandro, c’è modo per contattarti direttamente? Se vuoi ti mando la mia mail.



  • Wolfgang

    Hi Alessandro,

    searching for gettext, I stumbled across your library. I did not see any mention of plural in the docs. Is it just sitting in the code, waiting to be discovered, or what effort would be needed to implement it


  • Kbvjreddy

    Hi Alessandro,
    Image zoom example is very good. We are planning to use in our project. Before that I just want to know is there any Licensing associated with this. If so can you give some details on this.


  • Kkawai2

    What font did you use in your Simple Note app. I want to use it in my app too. By the way, hot white chicks in your photos 🙂

  • shruti

    Hi Alessandro,
    I liked your TreeCheckBox project and was hoping to use it in my project. Could you tell if there is any Licensing associated? If there is then can you please provide any information.


  • asunachan

    hi sir, im interested on your tutorial about the exporting of jp via actionscript to php, so ive downloaded the files, but when i tried it to mine, the print button its not working, what should i do ? 🙁

  • Hi,

    First, sorry for my bad english ^^,
    I very happy when i found your li “ImageViewTouch”. It is extremely
    useful for me. Thanks you so much.

    Thanks you very much,


  • hy, i found your short article about photo sharing form android (http://blog.sephiroth.it/2010/09/18/android-create-your-own-sharing-app/). as i am looking forward to make an app for sharing photos with a short description to a custom webserver (php/mysql), i would be happy i you could give me some hint how to start, or you know a tutorial? or you have some code snippets of your project? thanks, matt 🙂