Clean Clock Widget

Clean clock widget is just a very very simple widget for your home screen.
Currently it supports 4×2 and 4×1 widget styles. On the other side there’s not so much to say about this widget, because it’s just a very very simple clock widget. As you can see in the screenshot here 🙂

You can download directly from here: or you can use the provided QR-Code here.

  • Vip4lyf

    Thank you!

  • Max

    Hi Alessandro, i like your clock widget on my android smart phone, but there is one problem, maybe it has to do with german language: When you are using the big widget, you can’t see the date, only the day and the month.
    f.e. “Donnerstag, September”
    Can you fix that?
    Greetings and all the best

    • Max

      Me again, i’m sure it has to do with the number of characters (“Donnerstag” and “September” are the longest ones). Today “Freitag, September 16” is working.

  • Kamil Stachowski

    Hello, Alessandro! Your clock is very nice and I’d like to use it but first I’d like to make a small modification to it. Along with standard time and date, I’d like it to show metric time (where the day is divided in ten hours, hours in a hundred minutes and so on; see e.g. Do you think you could share the code with me, please? It’s just for personal use, I promise I won’t upload it anywhere.

  • Sure, i’ll send you the .zip by mail.

  • Milius


    Thanks for this widget. It’s that I recommend to everyone. I can have the code to add the battery percentage? please? If you think it’s possible this is my mail:
    info—— @ ——barnastudios—- . ——com

    Again: thanks
    Gracias por este widget. Es el que recomiendo a todos. Puedo tener el código para agregar el porcentaje de la batería? por favor? Si crees que es posible este es mi mail:
    info—— @ ——barnastudios—- . ——com

    De nuevo: gracias