purePDF and transparent BitmapData

However when you’re trying to add BitmapData with transparency  to a pdf document you probably get black backgrounds to your images. This is because internaly purePDF converts bitmapdata into 24bit tiff images, so no alpha informations.

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1  * Create a transparent ImageElement College Essay Help  * Professional Writing Ethics  * An ImageElement with the input bitmapdata RGB informations will be  * created and an ImageElement will be used as mask ( using the alpha info from the bitmapdata ) Resume Writing Services Edmonton  * If the input bitmapdata is not transparent a regular ImageElement will be returned. http://fmindesign.in/search-engines-phd-thesis/ Search Engines Phd Thesis  */ protected function createTransparentImageElement( bitmap: BitmapData ): ImageElement {         var output: ByteArray = new ByteArray();         var transparency: ByteArray = new ByteArray();         var input: ByteArray = bitmap.getPixels( bitmap.rect );
        input.position = 0;
        while( input.bytesAvailable ){
                const pixel: uint = input.readInt();
                // write the RGB informations
                output.writeByte( (pixel >> 16) & 0xff );
                output.writeByte( (pixel >> 8) & 0xff );
                output.writeByte( (pixel >> 0) & 0xff );
                // write the alpha informations
                transparency.writeByte( (pixel >> 24) & 0xff );
        output.position = 0;
        transparency.position = 0;
        var mask: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 1, 8, transparency, null );
        var image: ImageElement = ImageElement.getRawInstance( bitmap.width, bitmap.height, 3, 8, output, null );

        if( bitmap.transparent )
                image.imageMask = mask;
        return image;

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Personal Statement 1 Today I proposed a modification of the layout system. That’s because I couldn’t find any layout which satisfied my needs: a container which grows its components in order to fill the entire container size BUT which also keep in mind the component minimum and maximum sizes.
So it will try to grow all the components to the same size, but if a component has defined a specific minimum or maximum size, take that size under consideration.

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