Aviary new bird, Roc Music Creator!

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Now anyone can create music and beats completely from scratch and right in their browser, by simulating almost 50 different instruments, ranging from common instruments like various drums, pianos and guitars to orchestral instruments like harps and flutes to more obscure (but fun!) instruments you may never have heard of like the balarimba and hammered dulcimer.
There are tons of different instruments to chose from. Creation is really simple and every creation can be exported both as mp3 and to be used in the Aviary Audio Editor.
Let’s have fun with it!

Welcome to Myna, newest Aviary bird!

Today Aviary released a new tool of his suite: Domestic Helpers Essay Myna.
Myna is a powerful online audio editor, made by Alan Queen, which allows to create quickly audio remix.
You can upload, record or just use one of the tons of available clips ( thanks to the partnership with APM Music and its Quantum tracks library ) to create cool audio mix.
More about Myna:
Let’s enjoy it!

Aviary at 5th Avenue Apple Store

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Get your Aviary invitation!

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