Flade, opensource 2D physic engine

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Flade 2D physic engine
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http://www.hotelsb.eu/dissertation-slade-gellin/ dissertation slade gellin I don’t know if the project is still alive and which is the developement status, but it looks very promising. Phd Thesis In Tourism Management …And here the code used for the example above:

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http://genius-cm.com/ghostwriter-steven-wilson/ ghostwriter steven wilson var psystem = new ParticleSystem(); psystem.setDamping(1.0); psystem.setGravity(0.0, 0.4); // cooefficient of restitution psystem.setKfr(0.1); // surface friction for particles psystem.setFriction(0.5); // surfaces var sA = new Surface(new Point(0, 0), new Point(1, 200)); sA.setIsOrientH(false); psystem.addSurface(sA); var s0 = new Surface(new Point(1, 200), new Point(100, 200)); psystem.addSurface(s0); var s2 = new Surface(new Point(220, 170), new Point(300, 200)); psystem.addSurface(s2); var s3 = new Surface(new Point(300, 200), new Point(400, 150)); psystem.addSurface(s3); var sB = new Surface(new Point(399, 150), new Point(399, 0)); sB.setIsOrientH(false); psystem.addSurface(sB); // circle surface var circA = new CircleSurface(170, 220, 70); psystem.addSurface(circA); var leftX = 10; var rightX = 50 var widthX = rightX - leftX; var midX = leftX + (widthX / 2); var topY = 160; // wheels var wheelA = psystem.addWheel(leftX, topY, 10); var wheelB = psystem.addWheel(rightX, topY, 10); wheelA.coeffSlip = 0.0; wheelB.coeffSlip = 0.0; // body var rectA = psystem.addRectangle(new Vector(midX, topY), widthX, 10); // wheel struts var conn1 = psystem.addConstraint(wheelA.wp, rectA.p3); conn1.setRestLength(5); var conn2 = psystem.addConstraint(wheelB.wp, rectA.p2); conn2.setRestLength(5); var conn1a = psystem.addConstraint(wheelA.wp, rectA.p0); conn1a.setRestLength(5); var conn2a = psystem.addConstraint(wheelB.wp, rectA.p1); conn2a.setRestLength(5); psystem.paintSurfaces(); this.onEnterFrame = function() { var keySpeed = 2.0; if(Key.isDown(Key.LEFT)) { wheelA.rp.vs = -keySpeed; wheelB.rp.vs = -keySpeed; } else if(Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)) { wheelA.rp.vs = keySpeed; wheelB.rp.vs = keySpeed; } else { wheelA.rp.vs = 0; wheelB.rp.vs = 0; } if (Key.isDown(Key.UP)) { if (ang.targetTheta < 2.9) ang.targetTheta += .1; } else { if (ang.targetTheta > angDefault) ang.targetTheta -= .1; } psystem.timeStep(); psystem.paintWheels(); psystem.paintConstraints(); }