Apollo Beta in March?

Help With Statistics Coursework The release of a developer preview of the runtime, dubbed Apollo, will coincide roughly with an ApolloCamp event Adobe will hold in San Francisco on March 16, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans. ApolloCamp will give developers a chance to kick the tires of the new runtime.”

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Read th full article here: http://www.pcworld.in/news/index.jsp/artId=5144613

From Web to Desktop

With SWHX, you create an application by using two layers :

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  • the System layer : written in haXe and using the Neko API, you can access the local filesystem, databases, network sockets… You can also easily extend its capabilities by writing your own DLL.
  • the Flash layer : written in haXe or any other technology capable of producing SWF, you can use this layer to display the graphical interface, handle user interactions, play sound and video…

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