ActionScript 3 import alias! Where is it?

mary washington admissions essay working with Flex2/ActionScript 3 sometimes you may find that in different libraries there as classes (always in different packages) with the same name. research paper writing companies Ok, no problem, in fact I remember I’ve read something in the as3 documentation about the import alias directive.. phd thesis in literature A quick google search and in fact I come to this page:…?href=as3_specification106.html write a paper doctor guatam gupta chicago il resume Cool, I thought. Then I applied the directive in my as3 project (because two ‘Location’ classes were giving me problems in flex) but when clicked on compile it throws me a syntax error  🙁 dissertation help ireland northern Strange, it’s described in the documentation, but dont work!.. It’s also described in the es4 specs. how to write an msc dissertation Fortunately Colin gives me an answer: “… single name aliases were indeed dropped for AS3. even if the plan is that they will go into the ES4 standard, and if that occurs, they will be added to ActionScript eventually.” academic personal statement I hope it will happen soon! pay to complete an essay assignment

narrative essay about earthquake custom writing essays custom written essays IMHO, I would prefer a syntax like the python one about the import alias: persuasive essay writing help

essay about mass media Something like: how to write a college level essay import os as somethingelse, but it’s just a stylistic issue for me…

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