Flashlite and python games for my Nokia

http://talkingtech.net/wealthy-nations-help-poor-nations-essay/ wealthy nations help poor nations essay Last week I bought my new mobile and I got a Nokia N73 phone.
After the first days playing with themes and ring tones, as usual with new toys :), I installed Flashlite 2.1! I must admit I never used and seen it before… so I decided to make a first quick experiment making a simple game.
Lucky that Adobe Device Central CS3 has just been released, so I could test the swf in different environments (even if I didnt understand how phones flashlite versions could be changed in the device central phone list..).

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admission essay editing service employment Anyway, finally I made this simple tetris remake with flashlite 2.1.
If you want to broke your phone you can try install it from here:

http://www.pedijatrija.org/?essay-writing-skill essay writing skill I also followed some tuts about creating .sis installer (for symbian phones) from here and also trying using other tolls such as SWF2GO but unfortunately I wan’t able to do that 🙁

http://kaya-izolasyon.com/?sigmund-freud-essay sigmund freud essay Python… oh python 🙂
Then I discovered that there is a python version for series 60 (PyS60). I couldn’t believe to my eyes when I opened the Python shell from the phone menu! LOL

http://www.seothalesmultimedia.com/australia-essay-writing-service/ australia essay writing service So, why not trying to make something also with python?
After installing tons and tons of software from Nokia, tutorials and example files I finally managed to start creating simple apps. Also this time I started with a simple game (my second fav arcade game): Asteroids.
This time I also managed to create the .sis file, even if not with the suggested process with py2sis, but using only Ensymble with this command:

ensymble_python2.5-0.22.py py2sis asteroidz.py asteroidz.sis --uid=0xA0002E1F --appname=asteroidz --caps="NONE" --lang=EN --shortcaption="asteroidz" --cert=mycert.cer --privkey=mykey.key --passphrase=password --verbose --version=1.0.1

http://www.societas.si/?write-phd-thesis-computer-science write phd thesis computer science You can download the wwwlooking for somebody who can do my assignment .sis file and the source directly here (it requires  phd literature review word count python series 60 1.3.20 already installed):

Asteroids sis and source file for Symbian mobile
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http://www.hoplites.com.mx/how-to-write-a-review-essay/ how to write a review essay Filename: asteroidz.zip
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do my statistics assignment for me Anyway, please note that this is incomplete, it’s merely a test just for understand the python graphical api from Nokia.

help on writing a book I just discovered a new world 🙂