java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError workaround

There are a bunch of bug reports in the android project like this: or this
The problem is that Google basically marked all of them as “resolved”, even if developers are still complaining about it.

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Playing with a LocalActivityManager bug Rti Research Papers The problem came out once I tried to destroy an activity from the history using the LocalActivityManager destroy method. After an activity was removed from both my internal history and from the local activity manager I was unable to create a new instance of the same activity.

Essay Proofreading Service This is exactly my problem! In fact, debugging the android code ( see this post for debugging android code ) at that point it was clear that the record it’s not removed from the internal Essay About Love Is Blind mActivities map. Cheap Dissertation Writing Services Toronto

Buy Essays Online For Cheap mActivitiesField.setAccessible( true );
((Map) mActivitiesField.get( getLocalActivityManager() )).remove( id );