Finally a code coverage tool for AS3!

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dissertation consultation services apa I was waiting for this kind of tool since a lot of time, and thanks to Joe we can finally do Code Coverage of our Actionscript code.

phd thesis to book writing service contract template The project is hosted on Google Code, and can be obviously downloaded for free; the project is born after some tests of the author, that edited the Flex compiler to include additional informations that are used to generate a code coverage log that then can be read by softwares that display the output in a more user friendly and fashion way. homework help ilc science college application essay pay day For anyone who doesn’t know, Code Coverage is a good practice used most in software testing, that is applied to understand how much source code is touched by our tests. This way a developer knows if a test covers all the source code (or the required portions) and can tune his tests if they don’t.

need someone to do my homework should i double space my college essays This project is probably one of the first born after the public release of the Flex SDK source code, and we are pretty sure that there are much more projects coming in the near future.

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can someone write my college essay Finally we can do a little bit of Code Coverage in Aviary 🙂

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