Flex 3 “Moxie” sneak peeks

College Essays Grandfather Flex 3Ted Patrick is publishing screenschots of the upcoming new Flex 3 besides with the description of some of the new features.. Professional Writing Minor Osu With the code refactoring, probably the most interesting new things in Flex 3 are the profiler and the CSS design view.

Check out all the new features on Ted’s blog: http://www.onflex.org/…/flex-3-tuesday-code-enhancements.php

Oh my, Flex3 already on the way?

Today I started reading in various blog about the prerelease program of http://marblehouse.ca/essays-and-research-papers-site/ Essays And Research Papers Site Flex3! Ted Patrick blogged about the most important Flex3 feature “Flex 3.0 targets the release version of Flash Player 9 and will be widely deployable to over 90% of computers” (so, linux isn’t included here?)

Also Ben Forta speaks about the new Flex3 and  put the link for the online prerelease program application form. College Essay Motivation So, what we can expects from this new Flex3 and when its release is scheduled?

Dissertation Science Flex 2.0.1 for linux http://www.latestrecipes.net/mba-essay-review-services/ Mba Essay Review Services I want also to put a link to a this site, a chinese guy who put together flex 2.0.1 for linux.. well, not sure about the legal aspect of this thing, but this demonstrate it is possible (sure, it’s eclipse, we already know that!) and so how long we have to wait for an official one?

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