Flex Frameworks

See the slides: http://www.asserttrue.com/files/ApplicationFrameworks/index.html

Quadratic Homework Help “PureMVC by Cliff Hall beats out the alternatives“.

  • Composition over inheritence
  • Liberal use of Interfaces
  • Indirection is used but not overwhelming
  • Instance members hide singleton references from application code
  • MXML views can be extremely thin
  • Benefits of Cairngorm, with few of the disadvantages.

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ActionStep Alpha 1 Released!

It’s been a while since I’m looking at this project and I must admit they’re doing a great and hard work. What is ActionStep? Essays On History ActionStep is an Actionscript 2.0 implementation of a subset of the OpenStep Application Kit and aim to be a valid alternative to Flash V2 Components. The alpha 1 release comes with an example (through buildExample.bat, which compile using MTASC). See the example here http://www.siproferrara.com/?do-my-homework-online Do My Homework Online Links ActionStep on OSFlash: http://osflash.org/doku.php?id=actionstep Assignment Help Price ActionStep components’ list: http://osflash.org/actionstep_components_list 10 Best Resume Writing Services Calgary Download Legit Paper Writing Services It can be downloaded from: actionstep_alpha_1.zip http://actionstep.org/

Update on SEPY 2

http://www.richehisen.com/assignment-on-self-help-group/ Assignment On Self Help Group actually the framework is quite complete and at the state of art it’s a full basic text editor. Today I met Gabriele, the same guy who helped me in the preliminary phases of sepy1, and we decided some of the new SEPY2 guidelines and how we want to proceed..
SE|PY 2 will be made using a similar, but more more simpler, process as the one used by Eclipse, that is plugin based.
This can help us, but also everyone who want to extend it in the future, with panels (which will be completely independent from the main application), and document classes.
As regarding panels we’re still thinking at the best solution for the workspace management.. maybe a solution similar to the one used by Macromedia software.
any preference here?

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for example:

will create automatically folds region…

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